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Will my puppy stop biting when he grows older? And potty training tips?

I have a 3 month old chihuahua poodle. We've had him for about a little over a month, now. I've been trying to teach him to potty train - usually he goes straight for the grass when he needs to pee but when it comes to the other business, he doesn't do it until he gets in the house, for some reason.

Any tips? I try to take him out every few hours but he still has those accidents around the house. And how long until he learns to go potty outside?

It's been raining lately where I live so any tips to get around that?

Also, I know he's teething. He bites me whenever I come anywhere near him but as long as I have some toy he'll go for that instead. How long does the teething last and will he continue to bite this much when he gets older?

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    Unless you take action, he will continue to bite, even when he is older. Whenever he bites or mouths you at all, make a loud or high pitched sound, stand up, turn around, and ignore him until he is once again calm. This will show him that biting and mounthing effexts him negativley without having to be physically punished. I used this method with my dog, and she stopped entirely by the time she was 3 months, but it only works if you are consistent. As for his accidents in the house, try to take him out even more often, and mabey in the dryest spot possible as well. Whenever he "goes" outside, give him lots of praise. Make sure you also have a carpet cleaner spray because even after you pick up his accident in the house, there will still be small traces of scent there, and then he is more likely to "go" again in that area.

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    Whenever he bites you, ignore him and move away if you can so he can't bite. Give him attention as long as he ins't biting, turn your back and ignore when he does, and repeat. He get the picture eventually and he'll bite less and less as he gets older. With my great dane puppy I had the opposite problem. She'd poop outside in then come in and pee. This is how my dog trainer told me to potty train and it was like a switch in her head! I bought a crate for her to sleep in and she went in when it was time to eat, sleep, she was home alone, or at anytime I couldn't have her directly in my sights. Anytime she was out of her crate I had the leash on her and tied it to my belt loop. That way she couldn't wonder off and sneak a poo/pee in the floor where I couldn't correct her. Also it teaches her to walk on a leash and keeps her from chewing stuff :D I set and egg timer to take her out on the hour every hour when I was home. If accidents happens she got a firm "no" and I took her outside for a few minutes even though she didn't have to poo anymore (so she'd associate potty with outside). She seriously was totally potty trained after a week of me doing this. Now she's six months old and is perfectly behaved and has full run of the house! Good luck with your new pup!! P.S. As for the rain, bring an umbrella! I have to for my Boston or he won't go out there haha.

    Source(s): owner of a great dane and a boston terrier
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