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Why Do Some Lip Balms Seem To Dry My Lips?

I didn't know how else to phrase my question, let me clarify before I get the ignorant answers.. :D

I am not talking about "cheap" lip balms. However, they are indeed drugstore brand. But I am not talking about the cheaper brands like ChapStick and Blistex that use petrolatum as one of their ingredient. I am talking about good quality lip balms that use more expensive moisturizing, nourishing, conditioning and hydrating ingredients, which are also natural and organic.


EOS is by far at top of my favorite lip balm list. Not just because it is 95% organic, and 100% natural, but because I feel it works wonderful for me. Before buying EOS, I was VERY skeptical because I had previously used EVERY single line of lip balm by Burt's Bees. Regardless that BB is 100% natural with a list full of natural and good ingredients that are known to hydrate and soften your lips, I felt that BB lip balms did absolutely NOTHING. Seriously, I would apply it, and within 10 minutes, I felt it wearing off and drying my lips. Their only one that I feel does a descent job is their original beeswax formula.

NOTE: just a side note that Burt's Bees IS NOT certified organic, only natural.

I also have a few of the Yes To Carrots Lip Butter, which I had high expectations for, why? Yes To Carrots Lip Butters are 95% organic, and 100% natural just like EOS. On top of that, their ingredients are very similar. HOWEVER, the Yes To Carrots Lip Balms, I feel that after 10 minutes (just like BB) starts to wear off quickly and slightly dry my lips. After using Yes To Carrots, I realized it wasn't the lack of organic ingredients (Burt's Bees) that let me down, but then what was it?

EOS - 95% organic, 100% natural - works wonders on me

YTC - 95% organic, 100% natural - does nothing for me

This makes me think that the companies are being shady, and maybe not providing the best quality ingredients. I could be wrong, but I can't think of why these 2 products that are so identical, work so differently. I know everyone is different and reacts differently. It is just frustrating when an awesome product with wonderful ingredients, natural and organic fails to work for you.

Anyone have explanations? or stories and experiences to share?

Please, no recommendations. I am a lip balm addict, with a strong interest in cosmetology. There isn't much more you can tell me that I don't already know when it comes to lip care, and types of lip balms. This is prob one of the only things I never understood.

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    8 years ago
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    You are right when you say everyone is different and react differently. You are also right with the petroleom etc. Hydro carbon oils and products are terrible and most lip balms have them as the first ingredient.

    A possible reason for the diversity of the 2 products you mentioned could be the amounts of each ingredient within the product, or how each ingredient has been treated, before it goes into the product. Every manufacturer does things differently, thus makeing similar products, that are not quite the same. Just like every chocolate cake is different.

    Also, the cosmetic industry is very shady!! Its one of the most dodgy industries out there. The whole thing about 100% natural, organic, mineral and botanical makes me laugh! Its the biggest load of marketing crap! Many brands that brag about these things generally are closer to man made than anything. Yes the ingredients may be natural, mineral or their purest form. However...Most of these brands process these ingredients so much that there is little about them that ends up staying natural or mineral etc. AND not all natural is good. Would you put fresh 100% natural, certified organic lemon juice on your face???? There are a lot of man made ingredients (many of which are made from natural sources) which are designed to do amazing things for the skin, that actually work.

    Dont get me wrong I do like natural and honest good products and ingredients, but Unfortuantely I hate to say it, natural, certified organic, preservative free, 100% allergy free, mineral, are all marketing tricks and words to make people buy their products and feel as tho they are doing good for their skin. The reality is, most people have no idea they are being taken for a ride. As long as the products and ingredients are beneficial for the skin, it really doesnt matter what the company labels it.

    You should maybe start your own lip balm range. You seem to know wat your talking about and how to test them out.

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    8 years ago

    I have found Oh WoW! lip balm works for me. It contains no wax, which dries out my lips. Their website is:

    Read through their website and their testimonials.

    This may be an option for you to learn about and may interest you in trying. Theirs is inexpensive, I hope this helps you like it has me.

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