For everyone! Info on an old(ish) movie please?

OK, so when I was little my aunt had this movie about these siblings(a brother with an older sister) who for some reason have to go to this quaint little town for the summer. The boy meets a little girl there and some how they come to know this old shoe maker who turns out to be a leprechaun and he has a magic flute that ends up being hidden behind a water fall....anyways, that's the story line and I've been trying to find the name of this movie for like a month.

It may seem silly but i'm feeling a bit of nostalgia and would like to find it's now just become a bit of an obsession because I can't figure it out! It's an older, not well known movie but I'd be VERY thankful for any ideas/clues anyone might have about this movie! THANK YOU!!

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    Behind the Waterfall (1995)


    After the death of their father, brother and sister Tommy (Luke Baird) and Becky (Gena Gale Burghoff) are sent to live with their aunt for the summer in Erinville. The siblings' grief lightens when they meet kindly old Irishman Mr. Connors (M*A*S*H's Radar, Gary Burghoff), who reignites their capacity for joy and wonder. The old cobbler tells fairy and leprechaun stories and helps the kids see things differently, like a tree is more than a tree -- it is a home to birds and squirrels.

    EDIT: I thought that the title and brief description was enough here but looks like a trailer would be helpful, as well, so here it is:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Obviously, there are certain individuals here on Yahoo! who are HIGHLY competitive for BA.

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