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Easy ten step how-to for project?

I need a how-to to do that has a minimum of ten steps that my spanish class can do along with me during my presentation. Please give me easy subjects, such as How to eat an oreo cookie, How to make a paper crane, etc. (I can't do the ones to the left anyway).

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    Here you go and in Spanish also:

    Como patear una pelota (how to kick a ball)

    Como conducir un automovil (how to drive a car)

    Como escribir una novela (how to write a soap opera)

    Como cocinar la comida de tu perro (how to cook your dog's food)

    Como tomar una foto (how to take a camera shot)

    Como tener un sitio web gratuito (how to have a website for free)

    Now let's choose a subject:

    Como patear una pelota:

    1- Encontrar o comprar una pelota

    2- cambiarse de ropa

    3- buscar un lugar para patear la pelota

    4- observar que no hayan personas alrededor

    5- calcular donde podria caer la pelota para recogerla despues del tiro

    6- Colocar la pelota sobre el suelo

    7- Tomar impulso

    8- Correr hacia donde esta ubicada la pelota

    9- Patearla

    10- Recoger la pelota

    hope this will be enough

    Good luck

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    -How to peel a banana

    1.) Get a banana

    2.) Grab the tip of the banana

    3.) Tug on the tip of the banana in any direction

    4.) Peel another side off

    5.) Repeat step 4

    6.) Repeat step 4

    7.) Repeat step 4

    8.) Make sure all of the peel is off of your banana

    9.) Throw the peel away,

    10.) Enjoy!

    Go on Google translate for translations.

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