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What is my citizenship?

I was born in the United states to American parents. My mother however, she was born in the United States but she lived in France for years and ended up getting citizenship (before I was born). I guess that would make her French American. So all in all what is my nationality(s)?


Obviously but am I entitled to French citizenship? -_-

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    Citizenship and Nationality while used incorrectly most times to indicate cultural heritage, both indicate membership to a particular nation, state or the like. If you have United States of America citizenship, you're Nationality is American or USA. My parents are both resident aliens. Dutch Citizen, and Mexican Citizen. I was born in the United States. I am an American Citizen legally only. You can apply for citizenship with a country and be granted citizenship if you meet their requirements. Having a parent with that citizenship helps. Unless you or your parents have applied for you to be granted citizenship in France, I presume you are an American Citizen. Great question!

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    Depending on your age, and the rules in France, you could have Dual Citizenship.

    By US law, once you reach a certian age (I _think_ 18) you will have to pick a side, so to speak.

    Contact the French Embassy and ask them what their rules are.

    I know for a fact that Mexico allows adults to maintain dual citizenship, even for US citizens. What US citizens are told is to go ahead and renounce Mexican citizenship in the US, THEN return to Mexico and apply for dual citizenship. They dont care what promises you made to a foriegn government, as long as you take an oath to Mexico.

    Well, according to Wikipedia, children borne in France to foriegn parents are foreigners untill the age of majority, at which time they can apply for French citizenship. So things dont look to great for the status of foriegn born children of French parents.

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    Depends on your age? Your birth should have been declared at the french consulate in the US before age 18.

    You are a US citizen.

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    You are a citizen of the United States and subject to its laws and its jurisdiction.

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    You are an American because you born in the USA duh

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