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Parrotlet or Cockatiel?

I've had two parakeets before and I am ready for a new parrot. I can't decide between a Cockatiel or a Parrotlet. Which would you personally choose? Any funny stories from either? Pros and cons would be great too!!

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    Cockatiel.Well maybe its because I've never owned a Parrotlet.

    I really reccomend a Cockatiel because they are just so sociable and cuddly! (Especially if you get a baby hand fed one) They LOVE people and they have such big personalities!


    - Very cuddly and loves being pet (most)

    - Not very loud. Yes, they do occasionally scream but I like it better than budgies and parrotlets who chirp all day long non stop

    - Good companion bird


    - More expensive than a Parrotlet (I'm assuming because they are much larger. Food will cost more)

    - Cockatiels from pet stores are usually not tame and it will take a pretty long time to tame

    I'd say you should get a male because they are usually more friendly with people. However, some of them are very loud and scream a lot but thats not the case with my cockatiel. Females are quieter but can be aggressive sometimes. But it all depends on the individual bird.

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    Cockatiels are cuddly and lovable. They make wonderful pets and respond well to affection. I have 7 cockatiels. 2 of them are 25 years old. I would not trade them for anything!

    Source(s): cockatiel owner and breeder for 30 years
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    parrolets are tiny - kind of like miny doves- they give u no sign that they are going to poop it just comes out(but the poop is really tiny and easy to clean - ) - parrolets also are very good at learning to talk and do tricks - better than conures - dont let their tiny bodys fool u! they also very quiet . . .

    Cockatiels are loud - they are good at learning too though - bigger poop - bigger mess - bigger problems -

    if ur used to parakeets - i suggest u get a parrolet-

    Source(s): VERY GOOD BIRD BREEDER i got my pineapple conure from Rosella(that's the breeders name) - she hand tames each bird - if u get a parrolet u should get it from her - if u dont live in florida she ships them safely - she doesnt sell cockatiels - just conures, parrolets, and bourkes
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