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Whats a LSD service mission?

What does an lds service mission consist of? How is it different from a prosoliting mission, excluding the obvious?

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    Service mission are usually work related missions where the missionaries fulfill a specific job helping the operation of the Church, like running a bishop's storehouse, accounting, family history, LDS Social Services, ect. The opportunities vary and a service mission could involve traveling to a foreign location or serving in the area in which they reside.

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    Lsd Mission

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    What at great question. My husband and I have personally served a service mission for 2 years near our home. We loved every minute of it. . We got to sleep in our own beds and attend another LDS branch.We served in a small branch 10 miles from our home we helped the poor and needy get jobs, clothing, legal help , help with Christmas Help with medical needs computer, help items for the home as needed mostly free or very low cost . The biggest thing we did with Gods help was to get eye surgery discounted from 10,000 to 1,200 dollar.

    Helped with english and documents as needed and chiropractic help .Our main job is to teach self reliance

    There are many different kinds of service missions there are some at the cannery canning food bakery,etc helping at the thrift Helping at LDS employment. That is just the jobs in the states not including the ones over seas teaching humanitarian things . There is also service missions for young people as well who may not able to do a full time mission . If your thinking of going I say go for it you will be truly bless and learn a lot about your self the church needs people who can share all there talents and you will be so blessed if you go.

    Source(s): 2 year service mission for LDS church loved every minute.
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    I knew a young lady who was preparing to become a Catholic Nun, before she converted and became a member of THE Church Of JESUS CHRIST Of Latter Day Saints.

    They called her to a service mission. Then they shipped her off to a dangerous jungle half way around the world, in northern South America.

    Turns out the Natives were dying like flies. And the presidency of THE Church Of JESUS CHRIST Of Latter Day Saints was exceedingly concerned about this turn of events, and so they sent some LDS Missionaries down there to assist the local natives to do whatever it took to stay a live.

    Mainly she taught basic hygiene and sanitation methodology. Stuff we in the civilized world take for granted, but in the savage jungle areas of the world they have never even heard of that kind of thing before.

    The main difference between this brave young Latter Day Saint, and someone like Mother Teressa or someone like that, a Catholic Nun who really served in a dedicated fashion...

    is that this young LDS lady, a former Catholic, she got married a few years after she returned from her LDS Mission, when she returned to the United States, which is something that the Catholic Church does not allow.

    Not all LDS service missions are to dangerous jungle areas populated with savage tribal people, many of those kinds of LDS Missions are in safer places closer to cities and civilization.

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    God bless.

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    Do you mean LDS (Latter Day Saints -- Mormons) After high school males go on a 2 year mission in the U.S. or abroad to recruit new church members. Much like the Jehovah Witnesses.

    Source(s): Lived in Utah way too long.
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