PREMRAGHAV SIR,please answer?

DOB 15/8/1981 TOB 8:28AM POB DELHI

please tell me in general some important aspects about the birth chart of this person as regards the character indicated in this chart,the nature,which stars made this person so intelligent and a skillful doctor,fiances,lifespan(general idea)and married life.please help me out sir

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    My dear friend...

    This horoscope is a nice one. Placement of JUPITER in 1st house, makes the person capable to take justified decisions in his life and famous. SATURN and VENUS are in 1st house in VIRGO, which is the house of MERCURY (Mercury, Venus and Saturn have friendly relationship) So overall we can say that 1st house is having ADEQUATE STRENGTH. If 1st house is strong, it provides GOOD HEALTH and REPUTATION in the society.

    The person might be having ADJUSTABLE NATURE due to placement of JUPITER in 1st house. Lord of 1st house and 10th house is placed in 12th house, which indicates the CAREER DEVELOPMENT in a distant place or abroad.


    Influence of MARS (blood related), SUN (Medicine related) and SATURN ( operational tools related) on 10th and 11th houses makes a man doctor. Because 10th house is related to KARMA and 11th house is related to RESOURCES of INCOME GENERATION. A doctor has to do operations, prescribe medicines, hence MARS, which is a karak planet of blood and SATURN, which is karak planet of TOOLS needed to do an operation, and SUN, which is karak planet of MEDICINES, must have their INFLUENCE on 10th and 11th houses.

    Here you can see that MARS is placed in his 10th house. Sun in 11th and SATURN is having FULL VISION on 10th house.


    Lord of 7th house (JUPITER) and KARAK planet of MARRIAGE are having FULL VISION on 7th house. No problem in married life.The native should AVOID non veg. food and wine to keep the PLANETARY strength intact. Lifespan seems to be good, as 1st house is sound.

    I hope, it will help...

    All the BEST and BEST of LUCK...!!!

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    9 years ago

    normal mother and father symtoms plays an important role here

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