Names for fictatious characters?

7 friends in a book I have first but not last names...



Those two are best friends since childhood

Gale (male)


They are dating



Also friends since childhood

Aki (Lesbian but dunno at beginning and she met the group 2 years ago as opposed to 7)

Will be mostly about them in highschool but a tragedy happens, they all survive and half the other school (little less) and it is about events after

They meet someone named Shawn in the middle who also joins the group

Soo middle and last name for him too please!

Thanks guys.

Oh btw the names are from myself and my closest friends but not the personalities, and not the second or last names.

They all live in America, Max is American (no accents or anything, not red neck either) i dunno what you'd say, guess he is of the long line in British decent.

Abel has Australian parent's accent and all.

Gale's parents came from Spain but he was born in america

Sophia is an immigrant from Italy

Kate and Cleo both are like Max, coming from england years ago

Aki's dad was British journalist who went to Japan met her mom and they came to America eventually

Shawn is dutch, but raised in America


Umm sorry didn't poay attn this was the suggested category toclarify thiswas a story i am only 14 i don't think 'I canget pregnant yet.

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  • ?
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    8 years ago
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    Maximilian Weston Carter/ Max Alexander Carter

    Abel Owen Anderson

    Gale Robert Jimenez

    Sophia Gabrielle Antonali

    Kate Amelia Adams

    Cleo Patrick Allen(boy)/ Cleo Noelle Allen(girl)

    Aki Olivia Murray

    Shawn Alexander Jansen

    Hope this helps!

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  • Angel
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    8 years ago

    Max Johnson

    Abel Post (I'm from Aus and I know like a thousand Posts)

    Gale Rumitsien

    Sophia Kerr

    Kate Simpson

    Cleo Scott

    Aki Hatkanashi

    Shawn Ditch-field

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  • Liv
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    8 years ago

    Maximilian Carter or Maximilian Sullivan

    Abel Simms or Abel Thompson

    Gale Sanchez or Gale Reyes

    Sophia Russo or Sophia Mazza

    Kate Knight or Kate Marshall

    Cleo Hunt or Cleo Cunningham

    Aki Blackwood or Aki Chamberlain

    Shawn Alting

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  • 8 years ago

    Max Gabriel Brown

    Abel Guy Post

    Gale Raphael Annunziato

    Sofia (f is the Italian way to spell it) Martina Gottardi

    Kate Charlotte Sudbury

    Cleo Hazel Holgate

    Aki Grace Stanley-Sato

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