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Parrotlet or Lovebird?

I have owned two parakeets and am ready for a new breed of bird. I am leaning towards a parrotlet rather than a lovebird, but I am still not sure. I would like the pros and cons of both breeds, and if you have any fun stories with either bird, please share them! I have lots of time to invest in them, and money is not really a cost. Under $175 for the bird would be great! Thanks a lot!

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    The two are very much alike. Parrotlets are obviously smaller but can be a little more costly than lovebirds since they are less common. The cost really depends on the mutation and where you live. My local breeders sell blue mutation parrotlets and they are usually $350. However, I'm pretty sure you can get a regular green for around $150.

    Individuals will vary from each other, but *in general* the two species are very similar. It would all come down to cost I think. Check around for breeders, handle birds of both species, and see which one you like most.

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    From what i have observed lovebirds are capable of learning more tricks than parrotlets, if that matters to you :)

    Source(s): Studies avians, owned by two macaws.
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