Can somebody please explain the movie "Keith" to me?

So I just watched the movie "Keith", and I really don't get it...

I didn't cry, I didn't feel upset, nothing. I'm not really sure what happened (in the movie).

Can someone please explain what happened?

I know he had cancer... but i just don't get the rest.


P.S. Please no sarcastic or mean replies... Be nice :)


I know the plot, I just don't get why it's so sad/the symbolism behind it

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    If you are talking about Keith starring Jesse McCartney its basically about a boy who convinces his teacher to get a popular girl to be his lab partner. And he is sick and dying which is sad, because at first he thought he was just gonna die not feel anything and that was that. But once he met the girl they fell in love and I guess he really started to care about the fact he was dying because that meant he couldn't be with her. In a way they both helped each other she helped him to feel love and show its okay to care and he taught her life is too short to do what is expected of you so you should do things that makes you truly happy. Don't just try to be safe and please your parents. At the end I guessing he is dead even though they don't say it and he said how he wanted to go to a truck show so since he couldn't go you see her driving his truck, my guess to the show he wasn't able to make because he was dead.

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    Plot summary

    Natalie (Elisabeth Harnois) is an academically-focused student, with the intent of going to Duke University on a tennis scholarship. Natalie, with several other of her classmates, frequents an outdoors party place called The Brick. There, she bonds with Rafael (Ignacio Serricchio), a new transfer student. Meanwhile, in chemistry, Natalie is paired with Keith (Jesse McCartney), a carefree boy with a rebellious view of life. When Natalie asks Keith to help her with a lab report, he drives her out of school to trespass into an office building, bringing her into his easygoing lifestyle. Even though Rafael becomes Natalie's boyfriend, Keith persistently asks Natalie to go out with him, as friends.

    Gradually, Keith and Natalie come closer, and Natalie goes on 'non-dates' with Keith. Her continued interaction with Keith starts to make Rafael jealous. One night, Keith and Natalie have an argument just as Al and a boy named Billy turn up. The relationship between Al and Billy is not made clear. Keith's kindness towards Billy causes Natalie to think that Keith is 'a softy'. After driving for a while, Natalie tells Keith to turn into a dirt road, a cliff overlooking The Brick, which happens to be Keith's favorite spot. They talk and exchange a kiss. The next day, Natalie and Keith go to the cliff and discuss their future dreams. While lying down and talking in the back of the truck, Natalie notices that the truck is moving. She panics and gets out of it, screaming at Keith to jump to safety. Keith, however, remains lying down, relaxed and rambling on. Just before rolling off, Keith swiftly moves into the driver's seat and hits the brakes. Natalie is furious at Keith and asks him if he wanted to kill himself. When Natalie gets home, she is still wearing Keith's jacket and finds antidepressants in his pocket.

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