Girl names with cute nicknames?

I need two girl names that have cute nicknames, the girls are 12 & 8 yrs old..... They are not sisters, their last names are Taylor and Walker, so I need names to go with the last names and brother's names Aden Taylor & John Walker

I already have Jasmine 'Jazzy' Smith 4 yrs old, Emma 'Emz' Anderson 14 yrs old & Sarah 'Sare' Jones 16 yr olds....


The names are for my story, please don't suggest: Isabella, Matilda, Chelsea, Gabriella, Alexandra, Elianna or Indiana as I have already used them


Give me a full name and nicknames that go with it

Update 2:

I don't want middle names.... Just first names and nicknames

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    Emery - Em

    Emmeline - Emma

    Edith - Edie

    Evelyn - Evie

    Elizabeth - Beth/Ellie/Ella/Lizzy

    Rachel - Rach/ Rachie

    Rebecca - Becca/Becky

    Tiffany - Tiff

    Isabella - Bella/Izzy

    Isabelle - Belle/Izzy

    Abigail - Abi/Gail

    Addison - Addi

    Allison - Ally

    Alexandra - Alex/Lex/Lexa/Alexa

    Annabelle - Anna/Annie/Belle

    Amelia - Mia/Milly/Elle/Lia

    Avalon - Ava

    Sophia - Soph/Sophie

    Samantha - Sam/Sammy

    Danielle - Dan/Dani/Elle

    Daniella - Dan/Dani/Ella

    Florence - Flora

    Gabrielle - Gabby/Elle

    Gabriella - Gabby/Ella

    Hayley - Hay

    Harriet - Harri

    Harmony - Harm

    Hannah - Han

    Jillian - Jill

    Kayleigh - Kay/Leigh

    Kinley - Kin

    Kathrine - Katie/Kath/Kate

    Katia - Katie/Kate

    Lauren - Laura

    Caitlin - Cait

    Cathrine - Cath/Cate/Catie

    Madeleine - Maddy

    Madison - Maddy

    Mayella - May/Ella

    There's some I can think of from the top of my head :)

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  • 8 years ago

    Ava Lynn Walker

    Kate evelyn walker

    Emma leigh taylor

    Katherine Hope Taylor

    Morgan Stella Walker

    Hannah Joy Taylor

    Abigail Yvonne Walker

    Addison Hope Taylor

    Elizabeth Ann Walker

    Callie Jade Taylor

    Amelia Kristine Walker

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    talullah tallie taylor. tabitha tidbit taylor. Willamina willa walker. Winafred winnie walker

    Source(s): lol not sure if i followed ur guidlines properly.
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  • 8 years ago


    Well let me think. I personally like Samantha (sammy or Sam) and Courtney (Courty or Court)

    I hope this helped :)

    Goodluck xxx

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Sierra (cee cee)

    Mason (maci)

    Shaliah (liah)

    Marla (mar)

    Source(s): :)
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  • 8 years ago

    Lucia/Lucille/Lucette (my name:))

    "Luce" "Lucie/Lucy"

    Charlotte "Lottie" "Charley"

    Lillian "Lilly" "Lil"

    Francesca "Frankie" "Cesca"

    Grace "Gracie"

    Bethany "Beth"

    Cecelia "Celia" "CeCe"

    Josephine "Jo" "Josie"

    Madeleine "Maddie"

    Chloe "Chlo"

    Elena "Elle" "Ella" "Laney"

    Georgia "George" "Gia" "Gigi"

    Kimberly "Kimmie" "Kimber" "Kim"

    Hope I helped :)


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  • Mega
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    Georgianna "Gigi" or "Georgie" or "Gia" or "Gianna" Taylor

    Phillipa "Pippa" or "Pippi" or "Pip" Walker

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