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What is the latest update about the status of the lawsuit against Obama government?

What is the latest update about the status of the multiple lawsuits against Obama government for not showing OBL dead body pictures? Various groups have filed lawsuit saying the argument that national security is endangered by showing OBL death pictures is a hoax. It is for Obama government to prove in court how it endangers national security, and that is the core component of the lawsuit. Is there any update about the status of these cases?


conservative groups, porn industry and few more civilian groups have filed lawsuits challenging national security justification for not showing pictures.

Update 2:

if no one cares, why would suits be filed?

Update 3:

judicial branch is different from executive branch. the case is against executive branch in judicial branch. there is no conflict of interest

Update 4:

you care or not, i want to know update about the case.

Update 5:

i do believe photo will be released eventually. Obama government will not win this case. Its very tough to win say legal experts. This would be the first Obama defeat in office

Update 6:

in a recent poll 66% of Americans say they photos should be released. So you are wrong when you say "nobody cares"

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  • 8 years ago
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  • cari
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    3 years ago

    Any flesh presser that does no longer uphold the form would desire to be concern to criminal costs. This incorporates a million/2 of the dummies in Congress and Senate. Obama has abused the form and desires to be held in charge. Watch Fox this Sunday and that they are going to uncovered his agendas. 8 considerable and 9 eastern. i'm hoping they exhibit adequate airborne dirt and dust on him that he will run in the course of to the Mexican border.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Don't worry, they will throw any such lawsuits away. You think a branch of the federal government is going to find itself (the federal government) in the wrong? lol

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  • LadyB
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    8 years ago

    Who cares about Conservative groups/porn industry???

    What a waste of money and energy!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    no one cares

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