Can you explain this in simpler terms please? (Im so dumb)?

im writing a research paper and i need to know this information, but i cant copy and paste this thing because my teacher will KNOW that i didnt write it because there are so many big words. what does this mean in simpler terms?

The US government's reaction to its entry into WWII was to institute massive deficit spending, and the conscription of all able bodied young men for the war effort, thus creating a full-employment economy which was the immediate end to the Great Depression. A belief existed that another depression might occur upon the return of the young men to the labor force so a comprehensive veteran's benefit package was legislated. The logistics of the ensuing peace created a natural US trade advantage which allowed for the unfettered repayment of the war generated deficit. The liberal veteran's educational and housing benefit resulted in increased productivity and a construction boom. These forces combined to forestall any otherwise feared return to the depression.

Most historians and economists agree that the Depression did not end until the beginning of WWII.

It improved economics because the war created more jobs such as creating weaponry and manufacturing the raw materials to run a war. These new jobs were able to jump start the economy.

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    wars are great for the economy,it employs soldiers obviously which thins the unemployment ranks;it also stimulates almost every factor of the economy.Ships,tanks,weapons have to be massed produced ,factories are operating at full capacity which employs hundreds of thousands.The military needs every conceivable product: toiletries,food,clothing,etc.Who produces these?The american worker.Every segment of the economy is positively affected by conflicts like WWII

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