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electronic timing, inc.

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    1. You can discuss the following aspects of company's working in your home work paper:

    - History, Management, Location of HO/ROs/Factory, Nature of business, production facilities,

    - Activity Ratios: Inventory turn-over, assets turn-over, current assets turnover,

    - Production: Trends, Bottlenecks, if any (in respect of raw materials, power, labour, plant break-down)

    - Sales: Growth, competion, market share, etc.

    - Profitability Ratios: Gross profit to sales, Net profit to sales, net profit to networth, net profit to total funds employed.

    - Dividend record

    - Earnings Per Share, Price Earnings Ratio, Market Price

    - Liquidity Ratios: Current ratio, quick ratio.

    - Debt-equity ratio.

    2. The website shown below says that the Electronic Timing, Inc. (ETI), is a small company founded 15 years ago by electronics engineers Tom Miller and Jessica Kerr. ETI manufactures integrated circuits to capitalize on the complex mixed-signal design technology and has recently entered the market for frequency timing generators, or silicon timing devices, which provide the timing signals or “clocks” necessary to synchronize electronic systems.

    2. The website also discusses some financial issues of the company.


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