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Does Kim Kardashian actually BELIEVE people are jealous of her?

...or is that just what she says when she cant think of anything else? I read somewhere that a rich person has a better chance of passing through the eye of a needle than they do of going to heaven. She is an evil little troll. Selfish Selfish Selfish. The reason that she will never have a successful marriage is that no one will ever be as important to her as she is to herself. I cant knock the entire Kardashian Empire. I think That Ms Jenner is a hell of a mother! Khloe is turning out to be the most INCREDIBLE wife to Lamar. Kourtney is doing Exactly what she SHOULD be doing with that disick character until he grows up, and meanwhile she is an excellent mother to Mason, and the new baby.... Even Rob. When Kim just gave up and quit trying at Dancing with the stars, Rob just pushed through and almost won! He'll be fine by the time he turns 30. Kim, however, seems to always think that the reason people don't like her is because people are Jealous of her. No doubt, something Kris Jenner has programmed her into thinking. Kim has probably had a lot of people dislike her all her life, due to the fact that she is one of the most selfish people I have ever seen, and I can imagine Kris saying, "Don't worry, kim, they're just jealous!" But, I digress back to my original question... is ANYONE jealous of Kim? If so, Why? There are plenty of rich people to be jealous of. Why pick one who is so morally bankrupt and lacking in any substance of character? I cant think of any reason why anyone would be jealous of her unless they are just as morally bankrupt as SHE is.

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    Yes Kim Kardashian probably do think people are actually jealous of her but honestly I don't think anyone is jealous of her simply due to the fact that she is nothing but a spoiled selfish brat who have no morals or values and who only cares about herself, so I highly doubt anyone is jealous of her. The only reason why anyone would be jealous of Kim Kardashian is because of her body but if you really think about it there's no reason to be jealous of Kim Kardashian's body because most of her body parts (especially her butt) is fake, so there's really no reason to be jealous of her body. Bottom line is that Kim Kardashian is nothing but a fame whore who only cares about getting money and attention to herself. She hasn't contribute to our planet in any way and she doesn't donate money to charity. Kim Kardashian doesn't give back to our community at all. All she knows is "Give Me! Give Me! Give Me!" She doesn't have any REAL talent whatsoever (in fact none of those Kardashians or Jenners do). The only talent Kim Kardashian has is f**king every guy she meets. No one respects Kim Kardashian and she doesn't respect herself either. Kim Kardashian got famous off of a sex tape and she has done Playboy, so clearly she doesn't have any respect for herself. Bottom line is that Kim Kardashian is nothing but a selfish spoiled brat who only cares about herself and no one is jealous of her.

    Out of all of the Kardashians I would have to say that Khloe Kardashian is my favorite. She is so funny and down to earth and she seems really nice and sweet. However, there is something awkward about her marriage. Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom marriage kind of seems fake to me. I don't know. It just seems like they're only together for their reality show. It seems like she only with him for money or something. I don't know. I could be wrong but something just seems fishy about their marriage. I agree with you that Kourtney Kardashian is a great mother to her son Mason. However I do think she should stop having Mason on tv all the time. It's ok to have him in a few episodes but not in every single episode. Remember he is still a baby and should be able to enjoy his childhood in privacy. Just my opinion. I also think Kourtney Kardashian should leave Scott Disick alone completely. After he punched that mirror that should have been a wake up call to Kourtney to remove him out of her life but more importantly remove him out of Mason's life. Why would you want your child to grow up around that type of person? Is that the kind of example you want for your child? I understand that he is Mason father and all but he clearly has anger management issues and shouldn't be around children (father or no father). Just my opinion. As far as Kris Jenner (the mother) goes I have no respect for her at all. She is nothing but a drama queen and fame whore who is pimping out her daughters to the media. Not only is she pimping out all of her older daughters to the media she is also pimping out her younger daughters as well. Kris Jenner have raised all of her kids to have no respect and/or morals for themselves. They say "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" well I guess that's true because Kris Jenner is a drama queen and fame whore and so are her kids. Bottom line is that the Kardashian family are nothing but drama queens and fame whore who will do anything for money and attention. I wish the Kardashian family would just go away for good.

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    Nobody's universally beautiful so i doubt that EVERY woman on earth is jealous of her. Im sure some are and some aren't, and im sure more women aren't than some who actually are. Kim is trash and is overexposed through the media. Im sure she does think that others (including men) thats probably why she doesnt let what others say get to her. Mind you there are lots of men just as their are lots of women who cant stand this lady. Do you hear what john hamm, snoop dogg, and obama say about her and that entire family? Theyre garbage

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    She's not wrong about people being jealous. She's incredibly attractive. Maybe you don't wanna look like Kim, but you'd have something wrong with your head if you didn't want to be as attractive as her. The problem with people like Kim is she thinks that's the only reason anyone would be upset with her, it couldn't POSSIBLY be something she did or said, people just give her attitude solely on the fact that they're jealous. It's called being self absorbed and there's nothing you can do to change this in people. Take comfort in the fact that they're not emotionally intelligent enough to understand basic human feelings, and take pity.

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    She provides nothing to society aside from morbid entertainment and eye candy. I'm surprises she's not a coked out shell yet.

    My favorite kk moment is when she cried after her sex tape was "leaked"

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    She freaking gourgous.



    And has a really loving family.

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    the kardashians have their fair share of haters but just because they hate does not mean they are jealous

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    I dont know her personally.

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