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Sebastian Vettel in his 2011 Car vs Michael Schumacher in his 2004 car?

If Michael Schumacher were to race in his prime in his 2004 Ferrari against Sebastain Vettel in his 2011 Red Bull at lets say Monaco, who would win?

BQ: Are Formula 1 Cars as fast as they were 10 years ago?

BQ2: Which engine sound to you prefer: V8 or the V10s?

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    Schumacher in the F2004 would be miles faster. Here's why: the monster of an engine. Although not the best one in 2004 (that was Honda's), it has a good 200 BHP on the Renault V8 in the RB7. Also if you look at the lap records for tracks which were around in 2004 and now, you'll see they're set by V10 cars (mainly by Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello and Juan Pablo Montoya, maybe the odd one set by Ralf Schumacher).

    BA: They're faster because of better aerodynamics, but the cars of 2004 were the fastest.

    BA2: V10. Whoever prefers the V8 must be deaf.

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    Schumacher 2004 would probably win, since today the cars are much more regulated than they were back than. Also, Schumi is probably a better driver than Vettel, I believe.

    I think Cars were a little faster back then, especially when it comes to acceleration, not sure about terminal speed.

    V10 all the way! ever listened to McLarens 90 or 91 (not sure) v10? Priceless, look for it on youtube!


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