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Auditioning for SM , CUBE , YG , JYP entertainment?

info bout me -

i am asian , i m from hongkong.

i speak cantonese and english fluent

i can speak korean , mandarin and french just a little bit.

i am 13 years old , i love singing but if i try i can actually dance a little?

i cant go to korea just to audition cause its expendsive to go there?

oh! also i know sm is looking for looks? i have single eyelids ... i am not sure if i am pretty..

questions -

1. what are sm , cube , yg , jyp are looking for?

2. How can i audition if i cant go to korea , i know they have websites , do you like make a video of yourself singing , dancing whatever then send it to them?

3. for the video , do i make separate videos like one me singing in english , two me singing in korean three me dancing to something?

4. do i need to introduce myself in the video in different language? like i know canto , eng , and i know abit of korean i know how to say hello and that.

5. other things i need to know to audition / after??

Pic of me - https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/115701571098556...

btw , i cant hit a very high note or else i sound like a freak haha


what song should i sing?

korean -

i like an easy one cause easy one is easier to remember?

example - hello by shinee the chorus bit is easy to remember

cantonese song -

if i have to?

english -

i tried halo by beyonce before but theres too much high note to sing haha

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    Sorry, I just have to say I'm getting really tired of seeing questions like these and answering almost all of them. You should really do you research before repeating a question that has been asked a thousand times.

    The show K-Pop Star survival audition answers your first question a lot and probably gives more information than I can give. You should watch it and examine SM, JYP and YG's emotions and wants for scouting into their company.


    a. SM - Even though they do look for visuals (good looks), they also do want people with at least some talent in at least one area.

    b. Cube - I can't particularly say because I don't really know much about Cube other than their artists but I would give advice to practice singing and rapping. I think they look for visuals, as well.

    c. YG - They barely look for visuals, they just want talent... you just have to look decent. And by decent, I mean just well-kept (example: you brush your hair, you shower regularly, etc.). YG wants talent. If they see that you can actually prosper in the Korean market because of your talent like rapping, singing or even dancing then that's what they look for. YG looks for perfection.

    d. JYP - They look for you being good in the common areas like singing, dancing, etc but they also look for passion.

    In one word if I had to say what they all look for, it would be:

    SM - Visuals

    Cube - _____

    YG - Perfection

    JYP - Passion

    2. Yes. Follow the rules that they say on the sites and remember not to make your introduction longer than 10-20 seconds.

    3. No. One full video. All of your talents.

    4. Some entertainment companies actually care, others don't. Actually, correction: The majority don't.

    5. Depends on what you're asking for. I have answered some questions regarding this topic and you can look for it on my Yahoo Answers questions and answers section. If you need more help, you can contact me by e-mail: shineekpopluv@yahoo.com

    I can't see your picture. The link isn't working for me.


    What song should you sing? One that highlights your talents. Obviously, if you can't sing high notes then you should sing one that's more calm and doesn't revolve around high notes so you don't look/sound like an idiot.

    I just think you should choose between English and Korean and since you can't really speak Korean, you should try English. It's your best shot unless you can memorize the pronunciation and the romanization of what you're singing. Singing in Korean can really impress the judges if you sing it well.

    Source(s): Sorry if I sounded kinda mean when answering this. I'm just kinda tired of answering questions like this xDD.
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    your pic link isn't working.

    Talent is your key to stuff.

    and of course, looks.

    Sing what makes you sound good.

    Your English is all right but I spot some grammar mistakes.


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