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Roisin asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 9 years ago

what do you think of these names?

These are names of children in my family, my neices and nephews and my childrens names - what do you think of them?

Thomas Niall

Darcy Elizabath

Claudia Katherine

Jasmine Victoria 'Jas'

Kai Daniel

Samuel Martin 'Sam'

Finlay Jack 'Fin'

Francesca Alexandra 'Frankie'

Georgina Annabelle 'Gee'

Anastasia Faith 'Anna'

Oliver Jamie 'Ollie'

Brandon Joseph

Scarlet Aibhlinn 'Carly'

Violet Aiofe 'Lola'


*it was supposed to be Elizabeth, typing error sorry

Update 2:

Elizabeth... which ones? explain a little more please - I was just wondering about your opinions on which ones you don't like.

Update 3:

Sorry, they're Irish..

Aibhlinn (AVE-LEEN)

Aoife (E-FA)

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  • LadyB
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    9 years ago
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    Thomas Niall- Okay

    Darcy Elizabath- don't like ElizabAth, ElizabEth is a fine middle name however

    Claudia Katherine - nice seperate, together okay

    Jasmine Victoria 'Jas'- pretty!

    Kai Daniel- don't care for

    Samuel Martin 'Sam' - cute !

    Finlay Jack 'Fin'- this one is pretty cute too!

    Francesca Alexandra 'Frankie' - pretty!

    Georgina Annabelle 'Gee' - cute nickname :)

    Anastasia Faith 'Anna' - don't like Faith

    Oliver Jamie 'Ollie' - reminds me of Jamie Oliver

    Brandon Joseph - okay

    Scarlet Aibhlinn 'Carly' - not sure how to pronounce the middle name...

    Violet Aiofe 'Lola' - don't care for this one

  • 9 years ago

    where do I begin? yuck yuck and yuck!

    some of those nicknames! ****...

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