Thin layer chromatography VS Paper chromatography?

what are the major differences between Thin layer chromatography and Paper chromatography

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    Most widely used separating medium is a sheet of cellulose in paper chromatography ( partition) while it is silica gel powder ( adsorption ) in the form a thin layer in Thin Layer Chromatography.

    TLC is fast ( about 10 min/run vs 1 to 3 hrs in PC ), gives sharp bands after separation ( 1 to 2 mm wide vs 5 to 15 mm dia. in PC). TLC if done in modern way, can be quantitative down to nanogram picogram levels while PC is qualitative and much less sensitive. Chamber saturation time in TLC is 10 to 20 min. vs 1 to 10 hrs in PC. Generally speaking, TLC has replaced PC.

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    Paper And Thin Layer Chromatography

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    8 years ago

    Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) is similar to Paper except rather than using a stationery phase of paper it uses a thin layer of adsorbent (silica gel or cellulose) on a flat, unreactive substrate. It is therefore better as it runs faster and has clearer separations

    Source(s): Batchelor of Science
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