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Is Australia real or is it made of plastic ?

Look at Australia on a globe of the world, things just don't make sense. Not only is it a massive country, but if it is real then the people there would be walking around upside down, risking falling off the earth into deep space.

Australia on the globe I saw was made of plastic, since an upside country is not possible the question then is: Is Australia real or is it made of plastic ?

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    Oh it's so hard to live here! Growing plants is a night-mare, we have to have dirt imported from the proper countries, and we rarely go outside. There are these special buildings that we have to stay in all the time, and if we go outside, we have to wear harnesses and everything, and hold on to these things so we don't fall off the planet, it's really difficult. It sucks that it never rains either, cos when it rains, it rains away from the planet! Which is why it's so arid here, it's really weird.

  • Well when i went there it seemed more like it was made of glass, amazing beaches though lol nah honestly, such a cool country to visit on holiday

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    My feet are still touching the floor o.O sorry to ruin your theory. To the other answer. Vegemite is yummy :)

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    It's made out of Vegamite.

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    No,we`re so good that we CAN walk upside down.

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    I thought it was made of criminals. JK. Loves me some Aussies.

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    8 years ago

    C. your brain is made of rubber.

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