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What should I switch my cat's food to?

Okay so my cat is about two years old, we don't know how old she actually is because we found her wandering around my dad's factory. We know she was pretty young when we got her because she has grown immensely in length. She has never really had a problem with weight but loves food. I think its from the year or so being out in the wild and not knowing when she would get fed again. We used to have another cat and between the two of them they tended to keep each other's food initake to a certain level. She put on some weight but I wouldn't have called her overweight. Since his death she has put on quite a few pounds. My mom is attempting to have her lose weight by feeding her 1/4 a cup of science diet optimal care 2x a day. The problem is I haven't seen her lose any weight, and she is constantly crying because she wants more food. Also since we have taken her in I have noticed that her fur is almost greasy on the spinal area, does that come from a lot of petting or is the food playing a role in it? I have been looking online and am thinking about switching her food to either a higher protein dry cat food, or a wet food. My parents don't like the idea of feeding her wet food because its more pricy but I have been doing research that says it will help her health in the long run. She is probably about 15 lbs now. I plan on weighing her tomorrow to get a starting number. I have also been thinking about getting a feeder mouse from the petstore and letting it loose in the bathtub with my cat to catch it. The problem is she is declawed, would she be able to get it? So i guess there are a few questions in my long paragraph. Can a cat get depressed and gain weight? She loved my other cat and i wasn't here when he died but my parents said that she was pretty sad. Its only been a few months. Secondly what is the best food to switch her to in order to promote weight loss? Lastly any thoughts on the mouse idea? Thanks

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    I would suggest you take your cat to the vet for a check up because if she's on a weight reduction diet and is not loosing weight she may have a medical condition causing it such as thyroid or diabetes. To answer your question about cat depression. I don't know if they get depressed, but I do believe they grieve when they loose a friend. If you take your cat to the vet and he gives her a clean bill of health, I would suggest you feed Nutro Natural Choice Indoor Weight Management food and also canned food. Natural Choice is a great food because it does not contain any chicken by product, ground corn or any artificial flavors or preservatives. I'm a pet nutrition specialist with Nutro and have been feeding it for over 25 years now and it's worked great for my furry kids. Here's a link to learn more about it. http://www.nutro.com/natural-cat-food/natural-choi...

    Mix it up for Better Health

    Some cat owners swear by wet food. Others insist dry is best. And according to the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition, both sides have merit. In fact, WALTHAM® research shows that mixing wet and dry cat food together benefits your cat in more ways than one.

    Benefits of Mixed Feeding

    Improved Urinary Tract Health — When you feed your cat a diet of dry kibble mixed with a high moisture, wet food, it increases your cat’s water intake resulting in more urine production. The higher water volume dilutes the urine while increasing the frequency of urination — both of which help prevent the formation of mineral crystals or urinary stones.

    Better Weight Management — WALTHAM® studies have shown cats that are fed a high moisture diet eat less, gain less weight per calorie eaten and have increased activity levels compared with cats fed only a dry food diet. What’s more, owners tend to better control the size of their cat’s meal portions when part of the diet contains wet food.

    Healthy Metabolism — With more real meat and fewer carbohydrates, wet food provides a healthy balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates that satisfies a cat’s instinctive feeding behavior and helps maintain a healthy metabolism.

    Enhanced Eating Enjoyment — When given a choice, cats prefer to eat a mixture of both wet and dry foods. Wet food is shown to increase enjoyment whereas dry food satisfies her desire to eat many small meals throughout the day.

    Improved Oral Health — The crunchy texture of dry food helps keep teeth clean by scraping away plaque and tartar.

    Recommended Mixed Feeding Program

    While each cat is different, WALTHAM® studies have shown that a mixed feeding program is beneficial for both weight management and urinary tract health. For weight management, at least 1/3 of the total daily food intake should be wet food. If urinary tract health is the goal, then wet food should make up a least 3/4 of the daily volume.

    Source(s): http://www.nutro.com/pet-center/mixing-wet-and-dry... nutro.com Pet nutrition specialist owner of four cats, or do they own me?
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    Start by way of watching on the elements record and do away with whatever in which the primary 2 phrases are floor corn. If the cats are used to floor corn they'll face up to difference. Some cats face up to difference greater than others. Do no longer backtrack, simply combine the beef-situated meals in very step by step. I like to stay with a fowl situated meals, simply mho. Among the numerous excellent merchandise to be had, you are going to uncover that a few don't seem to be to be had for your discipline, and so on. and so on. I needed to acquire a steadiness among the pockets and what is fine for the cats, and I've used really a little of Purina One fowl and rice in recent times. That one is to be had within the grocery retailer, right here, runs approximately $one million/pound, and the kitties are doing good on it. There are plenty of alternative well ones. Just get within the dependancy of checking the element record on the grounds that there are most important shifts within the equal manufacturer frequently.

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    Science diet is actually a rather poor-quality food. It contains corn and by-products which are things a cat should not eat. I suggest feeding a high-protein, premium wet food for weight loss.

    A great brand is Soulistic found at Petco - it's high protein with lower fat and almost no carbs. Get the good Karma Chicken dinner.

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    Special kitty

    Source(s): Fed it to my cat for years
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