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who should have an oscar by now?

who do you think should have won an academy award by now?

johnny depp definately should have - pirates, sweeney, fear and loathing, wonderland, public enemies, the list goes on. I'm surprised he didnt win one for pirates even though he was nominated, and then never got another nomination for the other pirate movies.

also - why do they only nominate serious roles? (jack sparrow was the first best actor nomination for a comical role).

while we're talking about pirates - geoffrey rush for barbossa. maybe even better than depp's performance.

brad pitt - interview with vampire

Jude law and michael caine definately should have got more credit for sleuth, the newer version. they were fantastic in that - jude law definately best actor as he changes character 3 times.

leonardo dicaprio - just about everything he's played in is worthy of an oscar. he didnt even get a nomination for j edgar...???

maybe ian mckallen for gandalf?

stallone for rocky?

what do you think?

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    Johnny Depp! He's done every genre in movies and is amazing. He's hott and can really conquer any role!

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