Movie help... Do you know what movie this is?

ok, so there is this movie ive seen a long time ago and i need to see it again. here are details to the best of my ability:

The movie is about making a persons life better. his brother tells him about a therapy or something to help improve your life (motivations etc.) It happens to be all a scam, and the whole thing is "fake" to get the brother out of his bad life. the only scene i remember is the last one;

the 2 brothers are on a roof and brother 1 is trying to explain the whole thing to brother 2. he says that there are people waiting for him on the other side of a door champagnes and stuff for his birthday. brother 2 doesn't believe him and shoots brother 1. just as he shoots, the people bust open the door with Champagne ETC. the people rush to brother 1's side and calls for a doctor because "this wasn't the plan" . brother 2 realizes his mistake and runs off the roof and jumps. he breaks through a glass roof made of stage glass (like fake glass) and falls safely into a dining hall. brother 1 and everyone else is there, unharmed. It appeared to be all fake, but the point was the better the brothers life.

If u know this movie, or think you know, please tell. that's all i can think of, hope it helps

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  • Kat
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    8 years ago
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    Sounds like it could be "The Game" with Michael Douglas.

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