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Raised or Cake Doughnuts Calories?

Which type of doughnut has more calories??? I mean in general just like a glazed doughnut because I have seen conflicting answers... Thanks


seriously? enough with the stupid link crap... :/

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    Krispy Kreme type glazed, 200 calories

    Yeast raised around 300 depending on ingredients, as for example, filled, frosted.

    Variables abound and could change total.

    To think it out, figure at least one fourth cup flour, a hard fat, like Crisco, as once it is creamed with the sugar, it creates the fluffiness that could raise the doughnut without yeast, then, whatever is the glaze. Glaze is powdered sugar and water, for example. If it is raised, it has probably, less fat, but the same for sugar, and whatever they put in it adds calories. Then, there is the cooking method, which is frying it. Figure one tablespoon of powdered sugar per doughnut. Filling commercially is very likely some type of pudding mix, which is gelatin, corn starch, other fillers and stabilizer, flavoring and sugar. More information can be found at the Krispy Kreme site.

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