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Names of animal labs?

My friend's cats just recently got stolen and sold to an animal lab. If anyone can help me find names of animal research labs I would be most grateful. The quicker the better!! :(

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    how did you know it was sold to an animal lab?

    Not certain if the lab truly bought her because laws state that animal sellers must be licensed (and they are strict on this) and the animals sold must have proper documentation or the seller is turned away. Any animal that is not properly documented or a seller that is not licensed that sold an animal without proper documentation, IACUC, AAALAC, and AWA will find out because of the IACUC protocol forms signed by the lab for any research to be performed on any animals and of the facility checks they do regularly and unannounced. Any research that fails to give documentation is shut down and fined.

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