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Monica Seles. What do you think of her?

So i went to the library and went to the sports section. Being a tennis fan I got 2 books on tennis. One of a biography from Rafael Nadal and Monica Seles. Personally I've never heard of Monica Seles until I read the book. Read about half of it, will read Rada later. Her tennis life was truly inspiring learning the problems she had to face and the advice her father gave. I played a match a few days ago and when I was having trouble I just kept in mind the words her father gave her. So what do you think of her? Also, her two handed forehand is somewhat unique I think due to it not being common.

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    Seles is tennis's greatest "what if." What if Monica had not been stabbed? At the time of her stabbing, she was OWNING women's tennis, and got the better of Steffi Graf quite often. But she overtook Steffi, and a crazed fan of Graf's didn't like it, so he stabbed Monica right on court. Many people, including myself, believe that if Monica had not been stabbed, it probably would have been her with the most Grand Slam singles titles, but because of the stabbing, it is Graf.

    Great double handed forehand, great grunt ;), and first and foremost a great person.

  • Paul
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    9 years ago

    Great champion and person.

    A lot can be learned from her successes and hardships.

    Double handed forehand seems a bit counter intuitive, but it obviously worked for her, and some others. It is a unique shot that I wouldn't recommend trying, but Monica had it down.

    Seles was, and still is great.

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    I think she got stabbed.

    Probably holds the record for most times being stabbed in a match.

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