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does anyone know the opening act for the beach boys 50th anniversary tour?

or if there even is an opening act? specifically the concert at darien lake ny

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  • Lana H
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    9 years ago
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    I'm pretty sure there isn't any, though I suppose it's possible they could have Wilson Phillips (with Brian's daughters) or In Bloom (with Dennis & Carl's sons) open up for them. I heard Foster the People may open for them on a date (I'll be very surprised if that happens). If I was betting though I'd say no opener.

    EDIT: Apparently Foster IS opening for them in their hometown near Cleveland, but since I don't think most BBs fans are FTP fans I doubt it will be more than that show (thank goodness!)

    Hope this helps = )

    Source(s): Lifelong ♥Beach Boys♥ fan
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