What is FAFSA "priority"?

I was just informed that the deadline for FAFSA priority was tomorrow, March 15th. I was planning on filling out forms for FAFSA and handing them in on June 1st. Now there's just one problem, I don't know the difference between regular FAFSA forms and whatever FAFSA "priority" is. Can someone, anyone, please tell me what FAFSA "priority" is? My future really depends on it.

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Angela: To answer your question, the concept I suppose. I know the definition of the word priority, haha. I was simply wondering if FAFSA priority forms were different than regular FAFSA forms.

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    The FAFSA form for 2012-2013 school year financial aid funds is the same form, all this year.

    The "priority" part just indicates that FAFSAs completed and submitted by the "priority" date will be processed and evaluated before the forms that are submitted after the priority date. So, unless you get your FAFSA completed and submitted by March 15, it may take longer for you to be notified of your SAR (Student Aid Report) and it may take longer for the FAFSA information sent to the schools you list to review the information and determine if you are eligible for Pell Grant funds and to offer you a Federal student loan.

    Bottom line - next year, complete and submit your FAFSA much earlier than this time of year - like mid-February.

    Many schools have earlier deadlines than the FAFSA priority deadline for them to receive student FAFSA information so that the school financial aid staff can consider the student for school funded financial aid (grants and/or scholarships that are funded by the particular school.) By waiting, you may have missed out of such consideration.

    If you have more FAFSA questions, I recommend you talk (by phone or in-person) with a financial aid adviser from the school you will attend this Fall.

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    Do you have trouble understanding the word or concept?

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