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Anonymous asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 9 years ago

I need help with my weight, please help!?

Alright. I am a 13 yr old girl who is probably about 5'ft, and weighs around 103 lb. My BMI says I'm healthy, but I know that I have a pouch of belly fat, caterpillar rolls on my stomach when I bend down, and sort of a double chin/ caterpillar neck when I thrust my neck back. My overall appearance looks like a normal teen girl's appearance when I stand up straight. What kind of exercises should I do to get a couple pounds off, and also improve my figure? Also, my arms aren't that strong, and my leg muscles are weak, too. ( I can shake my legs from side to side and they jiggle... -.- gross, right? ) Please help me! ( Oh, and by the way, I've got the whole "eating when you're hungry thing" down )

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    9 years ago
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    Honey you're not the only one, its just that you need to tone :)

    Nature makes us all equally beautiful. And if we stay natural with the nature it will never degrade the quality of our lives. We are not made to either be obese or anorexic. Its our unnatural habits that pulls us 'away' from the natural beautiful body we were born with. You're not fat but a good workout plan and healthy lifestyle can turn you into the most perfect sized girl out there.

    Natural and safe weight loss falls between 1-1.5 lbs a week. Stick to 1200-1500 cal a day, once a while treat yourself but never go beyond 1800. Yoga is a safe and long lasting (rather everlasting) method of loosing weight. You may start with the below tried and tested program and must hit the gym for cardio or swimming every other day:

    1. Palm Tree Pose, 10 times

    2. Swaying Palm Tree Pose, 10 times

    3. Double Angle Pose, 10 times

    4. Triangle Pose, 5 times

    5. Sun Salutation, 12-15 rounds

    6. Relaxation Pose, 5 mins

    7. Twisting Cobra Pose, 10 times

    8. Head to Knee Pose, 5 times each leg

    9. Balance Pose, swapping hands and elbows alternatively

    10. Relaxation with abdominal breath, 10 mins

    11. Bellows Breathing, 5 mins

    12. Alternate Nostril Breathing, 5 mins

    Every other day when you're in the gym, perform first 9 practices then:

    1. Elliptical 15 mins

    2. Bike 15 mins

    3. Run 20 mins;

    1st 5mins. slow

    2nd 5mins fast

    3rd 5mins slow

    4th 5mins faster

    4. Relaxation with abdominal breath, 10 mins

    5. Bellows Breathing, 5 mins

    6. Alternate Nostril Breathing, 5 mins

    Also every morning:

    1. Drink one glass of water and practice Palm Tree Pose 10 times

    2. Drink second glass of water and practice Swaying Palm Tree 10 times

    3. Drink third glass of water and practice Waist Rotation Pose 10 times

    4. Drink fourth glass of water and go to the toilet and sit for 5 mins

    5. Then go to toilet and stay there for 5-7 mins without efforts and let the stomach clean itself.

    And rest of the day:

    b) Drink lime and honey every morning mixed with room temperature water.

    c) Only drink lukewarm water whenever you are thirsty.

    d) Avoid fats, spices and oily food

    e) When hungry prefer seasonal fruits and vegetables instead

    f) When you eat just think that 'this bite i'm chewing is getting efficiently absorbed and nourishing my body'. Then even you eat on the go you "eat consciously"


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    9 years ago

    When I was 12 years old i was wearing size 16 dresses. I am now 15 and wearing a size 10 dress. I started rowing when I was 13 and i lost loads of weight and built up all my muscles. I then started foitball, hockey, rounders and netball. When I was younger I hated sport and then when I lost some weight I loved it and I still do. I row 4 times a week for 1 hour and I did a sponsered row for my friend who was paralysed in july. I managed to row 17 miles in just under 3 hours when before I didnt want ti do any sport. Find a sport that you like or would and just have fun with it. You will lose weight in no time. Good luck and just keep yourself motivated x

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    I don't know why you would care so much about your weight at 13, you sound pretty normal. Anyways, if you wanted to do something about it, look up 8 minute abs on youtube. You'll feel a lot better after doing it, and it doesn't take too much time, so you've got plenty of time to do other important activities.

  • 9 years ago

    That's completely normal. Everyone has a caterpiller neck when they thrust their head back, everyone gets caterpiller roles when they slouch and or bend over, and everyone has leg fat that jiggles. The only excuses are anarexic people. Stop judging yourself and having such low self esteem.

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