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Are there any asian dramas similar to this plot?

Romantic , dramatic and cool plot about ex-couples reuniting. I love those love hate relationship between the couples and don't mind if one of them is evil/bad.

Some examples would be :

-Dream High 2 (Rian and JB)

-Autumn Concerto

-7 days in life (HK drama)

-On the first beat (HK drama)

-Time between dog and wolf (Kdrama)

-Hi my sweet heart (Twdrama)

I preferbly want HK, Korean, Taiwanese and pls no mainland dramas. Tks in advance.

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    I can only think of these -

    Korean, Temptation of an angel

    I need romance

    Will it snow for Christmas? (they knew each other as teenagers, liked each other but parted on bad terms)

    Green rose

    Color of woman

    Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung

    Only you

    Save the last dance for me

    Taiwanese -

    I do?


    Summer's desire

    Real Love Please Ring the Bell Twice (not exactly a couple, they had feelings for each other but due to a misunderstanding they didn't say it, and they meet years later, at first not recognizing each other)

  • Elena
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    Can't think of much now but I'm sure there are quite a few Princess Hours Little Dorrit...? or maybe even Couple or Trouble which is kinda different, nearly even opposite, but it's good

  • 8 years ago


    Secret Garden (Oska & Yoon Seul)

    Personal Preference

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