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What do you think about vast majority of the sexually active "Catholic" woman using artificial contraception?

I read in one survey that over 98% of the sexually active catholic women in US use artificial contraception to prevent pregnancy

I personally know of a married Catholic woman using it though she is a devout Catholic who attends church every Sunday and active in her faith life...But when asked about her using artificial contraception, she says that is really silly rule

I am confused....If most of the Catholic women dont respect that rule and consider it silly, then why are these Bishops fighting against Obama over this contraception issue?


EDIT: By sexually active, I mean married women who have sex with their husbands

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    1) What do you think about vast majority of the sexually active "Catholic" woman using artificial contraception?

    Since I'm not sexually involved with such a woman, I am not particularly concerned with the matter.

    2) I am confused....If most of the Catholic women dont respect that rule and consider it silly, then why are these Bishops fighting against Obama over this contraception issue?

    You are confusing the right of an individual to make a choice (even a sinful choice) with a *legal requirement* - a requirement that **requires** a Roman Catholic to make a choice that their religion teaches is sinful.

    For the Catholic Church, it's not a popularity contest. That is: what is right and wrong is not decided by popular vote. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that it is wrong for someone to use artificial contraception, and so to ask Roman Catholic institutions to **copay** for that is to require individual Roman Catholics **to act** in a way that they believe is sinful. Let me say that another way: Roman Catholics believe that purchasing contraceptives for others to use is a sinful *act*. A law that **requires** Roman Catholics to do this is a law that (from their perspective) **requires** them to sin. The Catholic Church wants to prevent that sin from being a **legally required** sin. They want that sin to remain an individual option - not a requirement of law!

    - Jim,

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    I know women who believe they are good Catholics, but ignore Church teaching on contraception.

    The problem with "cafeteria" style religion is that you make yourself the divine authority, and reject the authority Christ established.

    Most Catholic women wouldn't think they have the authority to hear confession, baptize babies, or consecrate the Eucharist, they realize this authority belongs to the Church. Yet they reject the Church authority on contraception. Why? How can the Church have some authority but not all? Why would Christ only give partial authority to his Church?

    He gave Peter the keys (symbol of authority) and said "whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven."

    So for those who think they can pick and choose which authoritative things they can follow and which they can reject, ultimately declare themselves the authority. This is a problem.

    No matter how many Catholics reject the Church teaching on contraception, this does not make it right. The Church answers to Christ, not to popular opinion. Those who follow Church teaching find that while it can be difficult, the joy outweighs the sacrifice. This is the way it always is with loving God.

  • If you research that statistic, you will find there is something fishy about it.

    It was done by a institute that is funded by Planned Parenthood, it talked to 7,000 "Catholic" women over a 5 year period by face-to-face talks. That is a ridiculously long time for a mere 7,000 people, studies that have talked to double that have been completed in 9 months!

    From how this survey shows, while it does not say it and it is speculation, it certainly sounds like the 7,000 "Catholic" women interviewed are women who came to Planned Parenthood for some type of service (the paperwork one fills out offers you to choose what religious affiliation you have). Obviously, MOST women are going there for abortions or birth control and not for anything else.

    I know there are women out there who use birth control regardless of the Church's teaching on it, but I guarantee you that if they did this survey of women walking OUT of a Catholic Mass, the numbers would GREATLY decrease.

    Also, regardless of what the laity think, the Bishops must stand up for the Truth of God, not the fallible OPINIONS of people. Even if ALL of the laity was for birth control, the Bishops would still stand against it because birth control is still against God.

    This is also about religious liberties, the government is trying to overstep their boundaries by stating what a religious institution must and must not offer, regardless of their beliefs of concious. It would be like the government telling Jehovah's Witnesses that they MUST give all their children blood transfusions regardless of if they need it or not.

    @ Muhommed...Dog: Actually, yes, artificial contraception IS a dogma of the Church, it is not prohibited for any reason relating to sexuality (some instances of using the Pill to regulate a medical issue is acceptable).

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    Because women are not following what Catholic leadership tells them to doesn't mean the Bishops should have to teach something the church considers sinful. Or cover their cost for birth control.

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    Contraception itself is a choice prior to any fertilization. Though the Church frowns on it, it is not a dogma of the Church. The issue is that by requiring coverage, it is an endorsement of the behavior and the contraception options include life ending contraceptives.

    The issue is the public paying for it. There are limited times when a doctor might prescribe the pill for medical reasons. Those are prescription events and should be covered. The rest are not individual medical issues and with sex being a choice and protective measures also being a choice, insurance companies can choose to provide coverage but they should not be forced to insure.

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    The bishops are choosing this battle to score political points. It is a silly battle. Remember it isn't church employees that the insurance is about, but employees of schools and hospitals. In my state, for example, the nurses and teachers that the mandate would cover were already covered by insurance that allowed Birth Control, and the bishops didn't care for 30 years. Suddenly it's asking too much? Puh-leeze.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It's a hopeful sign that even Catholics can be somewhat rational.

    Yes, it's a silly "rule." And I'm glad most US Catholics realize how ridiculous it is, and ignore it.

    Now if we can just get their bishops to do the same...we'd be getting somewhere.


    p.s. you've noticed, I assume, that none of the bishops are women...

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    Ya got me. There is nothing in the Bible specifically prohibiting contraception...artificial or otherwise. Just another doctrinal dogma established by Papal decree.

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    I don't know why they're fighting over it. It's ridiculous really. They accept federal funding and function just like a business, then they should have to follow federal laws just like everyone else.

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    It's none of my business what another woman does with her body whether she is Catholic or not. come to think of it it is none of your business either.

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