Was I raped? ...Long Story.?

I'm stupid. I'm naive. I know... just please, hear me out

I'm visiting my brother in Montreal and decided to take the opportunity away from my parents to hook up with dudes online (I'm bicurious...at least, I was)

Some guy sent me his body pic, claiming to be 21 years old; I had replied asking him for a face pic and he sent me a whole nude pic with the face included. I WAS DOWN...

Now that I look back, the guy in the 2nd picture was a bit more tanned than the initial body pic. The guy told me that my job was to come in, "**** and leave". NOTHING MORE...I asked and he said he wanted nothing more...

Ultimately, I ended up going to the guys apartment...I knock on the door and wait awhile...I hear it unlock but no one opens it...so I open to door myself, interpreting as an invitation to come in. The entire inside was dark and when I attempted to turn on the lights, the power seemed to be down...I could see a figure lying on the bed (hoody on, black t-shirt, boxers, and socks)...I thought "alright, maybe this is how gay guys operate" since I was knew to the whole scene...

I put down by belongings and strapped on a condom...while doing all of this, we didn't say a word to one another...I found it rather awkward since I usually speak to ppl b4 I do them...

I took off his socks, and underwear and attempted to take off his shirt but he resisted...i'm a noob when it comes to anal so i was having difficulty getting it in...all the while we werent saying a word to eachother (he wreaked btw! I should have known that he wasnt who he said he was from the start...but it was so dark I cudnt tell)

I finaly broke the silence by saying i cant do someone with talking to them first...i dont work like that...he didnt reply...just took it as an opportunity to stroke my penis..and try to stick it up his ***...

after realizing that he had hair all over his front and had a belly (cuz i was touching him, though he attempted to prevent me from touching there)...I realized that he wasnt the guy he said he was...i was skeptical the whole time but too scared to ask...

i told him he cud reveal his true self...he hesitated and turned towards me...MY HEART RACED..I almost burst into tears...at first it looked like a child with Progeria...but my eyes slowly adjusted and allowed me to proccess the image of an old man...well in his 60s or 70s...I was scared for my life...he had chosen me because of my slender physique and my inability to fight back I had thought...

he reached for my face and kissed me..i was too scared to retaliate (he had locked his kitten in the closet... so i thought he was the violent type)...i pretended to like it until i found an excuse to leave...

I told him it was nice meeting him and that we shud do it again...to prevent him from realizing that i was trying to run...i was scared he was going to hurt me if i didnt otherwise (he might have been old but i cudnt tell...if he was fragile or not...strong or weak)...

b4 i left, i asked for his age...he said hes in his 30s...late 30s...he was stil llying to me...i told him he shud post his real pic on craiglist cuz some ppl wud dig it (it was my attempt to prevent others from being victimized)

Before running the heck out of there, I had gone about telling him how crucial it was to let his cat out of the closet...then i bolted!


Was i raped? I know i was stupid for ever relying of craigslist..its just when ur young and live a sheltered life and confused about ur sexuality...u dont know what the hell 2 do :(

HE TOUNGED ME!!! I GRABBED HIS COCK!!! I RUBBED LUBE ON HIS ***!! HE STROKED MY COCK AND ATTEMPTED TO SHOVE IT UP HIS ***!! I feel like ive been permanently scarred....

:"( Was my fear of potential danger and him lying to me enough for it to be considered rape..im not gonna charge the guy..id just like to know ur opinions...

and i swear to god im not trolling.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    I don't think there is any definition of rape that fits this scenario.

    You were tricked. That's all. Be wiser next time--not just for the sake of not fvcking some old pervert, but because look how easy it was for Jeffrey Dahmer to murder all those boys, and he didn't even have craigslist.

    Think of your parents. If they don't know you're into going on out-of-town gay sex trips, if you go missing, they're going to leave a lot of stones unturned.

  • Karen
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    O my goodness was this really true??? Hun you need to tell somebody this is a horrible story!! And no it was definitely not your fault at all maybe you could have seen the signs earlier but still it wasn't you that made the man get inside you!! Why are you on here and not talking to the police or physiologist??

  • julz
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    Lying to get sex does not make it rape. If it did, the jails would be overflowing and there'd be no room for murderers and drug dealers and such. You did agree to the sex and even actively attempted it yourself, and you never told him to stop or communicated that you didn't want sex after all.

    You were just lied to and tricked and very lucky to get out of that situation uninjured, much less alive. Please don't do dangerous stuff like this again.

  • 8 years ago

    No, you were not raped. You weren't even sexually assaulted. However, this was extremely dangerous. You should get tested for STDs now, and again in 6 months.

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  • 8 years ago

    I wouldn't call it rape considering you went in looking for sex... He totally took advantage tho. Next time your looking for a one night stand be more thorough. the internet is a scary place.

  • 3 years ago

    Thank you for all the answers

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