Hello! I really need help! (YG Entertainment audition)?

Hello earthlings! XD I have A LOT of questions regrding the 2012 YG Entertainment audition. You see, I've done quite a lot of research, but failed. Thus, I must asked random yahoo people. XD Please no rude answers! Now, here are my questions:

1. I'm an American. I look nothing like an Asian. In fact, I really look European. I'm also very unique looking. Yet, I am IN LOVE with Asian culture...Do I still have a chance even though I'm not Asian?

2. WHEN are the deadlines for the mailed auditions!?!? I have been looking this up forever, but I have not found a deadline! Please, does ANYONE know the stinking deadline?

3. I do not know Korean. :/ I only speak French and English. When I heard of these auditions a few weeks ago, I started working my BUTT off to unsuccessfully learn Korean. I'm actually signing up for an online tutor right now. Anywho, if I spoke enough Korean in my audition videos, couldn't they just teach me Korean if I made it? XD Or, like, does it matter if I'm not an expect at Korean?

4. How many songs should I have in my audition video?

5. What kind of songs should I sing? What language?

6. What should be in my audition? (in order)

7. Should I ask my friend who speaks Korean to help me fill out the application for the audition in Korean?

8. How long after I send my audition should I wait?

If you know anything else about the YG Entertainment audition that I should know of, please tell me!

Thank you so much!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well, I'm sure that as long as you have talent, and they think you match their company, then they'll take you in :) But really, I'm not that sure about the looks either...

    YES I am ALSO confused about the deadlines. I think it's an anytime audition, where you simply mail in your stuff whenever you're ready.

    Well, I think Rain (?) didn't know korean either when he became a trainee.. And there's many other idols that didn't know Korean either. They let you take Korean courses there, so not knowing Korean is not a problem :)

    Two, I think it says, if I remember correctly. And at least one has to show the face.

    English songs are fine :) I do think that if you sing at least one in [broken] Korean then that would be a bonus, but I'm not quite sure. Some say it's ok to sing in English, but the ones who auditioned for CUBE Entertainment all sang Korean songs in the finals. (search it up on Youtube to find the finalists' videos aha)

    I don't remember... I think just two songs, and then fill in the application. I asked my Korean friend to translate the document, so I have a copy in English. If you have a Korean friend, as them to translate the website for you :)


    If they want to see you, then they mail you back. If you do not receive any notifications in weeks, then that means it's the end.

    I at first wanted to get into YG too, but then I thought about it twice. YG's still the best in my opinion, hands down, but sometimes YG acts a bit too up there, and so idols in YG don't get much opportunities when it comes to variety shows. Personally, that's a huge turnoff for me, because one of the biggest reason why I thought being a kpop idol would be best is because kpop idols seem to be allowed to act like themselves in variety shows, unlike many other nations, where even in variety shows, idols seem to holding themselves back.

    But don't pick SM either. SM's known for mistreating their idols. I heard that there was once where 2 members in Super Junior were sick with fever, but they had a show to run, so SM rushed them to the hospital, had the doctors inject them with nutrition needles (or whatever they're called lol), but midway ripped the needle out, rushed them to the venue, and made them run the show anyway. I think they collapsed afterwards, but I'm not sure.

    Although Cube Entertainment isn't as well known as JYP, SM or YG, it's a good entertainment as well :) Here's some detailed information on what life is like if you're a trainee in Cube Entertainment:


    click Part 1,2,3,4, and 5 [Tour Cube] to see

    WISH YOU BEST OF LUCK!! :) Let's aim for it together haha :)

    Source(s): I share the same interests as you :')
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