What are some stereotypes or personalites for these characters (based off musical instruments)?

Hey guys, I got inspired by Hetalia and some pics on DeviantART this weekend. I'm thinking of creating a kind of anime for my DeviantART that is like Hetalia, but instead of personified countries I will have personified instruments as the main characters of my story. What are some stereotypes and potential personalities of these characters?

Female Alto Sax

Male Alto Sax

Female Flute

Male Flue

Female Clarinet

Female Oboe

Female Tenor Sax

Male Tuba

Male Trumpet

Female Trumpet

Female Trombone

Male French Horn

Male Bari Sax

I know, I'm such a Band Geek, but it sure is fun!

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    9 years ago
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    Make the saxes conceited assholes, the flutes insufferable know-it-alls, and the trumpets very calm, enjoyable, and logical people. Cut oboe and french horn completely: they're simply too perfect and would come across as Mary Sue and Gary Stu. The tuba should be anorexic, and the trombone wouldn't be able to do anything, similar to the inability of most middle school trombonists to play scales.

    The bari sax would be horribly unorthodox and hated by everyone except the tenor sax.

  • 4 years ago

    I consider it's. In plenty of circumstances thee children don't even get a option. When my daughter at the start began within the 4th grade band she was once "assigned" the clarinet. Just as I was once "assigned" the trumpet. She did cross to the tune division and received converted to percussion for the reason that that's what she loves and he or she already had a drum set. But it took plenty to get the difference. Her band suits those stereotypes, and even if she performs within the district band they nonetheless keep up. Most children within the faculties districts round right here the youngsters wouldn't have a option. I keep in mind being advised I was once to play the trumpet for the reason that it pleasant have compatibility my mouth constitution or whatever like that. It was once whole crap, they only have such a lot of devices to make use of and I have no idea one boy who was once assigned the clarinet or flute.

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    9 years ago

    Male trombones are stoners and female trombones are sluts

    Source(s): Trombone player
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