Drug use effect PD application?

if someone used to smoke marijuana quite frequently but has not smoked for over 2 years, could that person still be a police officer? The policy would be for MD State Highway Patrol, Baltimore county police, or Baltimore city police.

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  • Moore
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    8 years ago
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    That tends to be a disqualifying factor for most departments. Ultimately it is up to the recruitment board based on the totality of your traits.

    Being a police officer is not just about doing the right thing and being a good guy, it's about having the type of personality that drives you to do the right thing even when you know you will not be caught. Smoking marijuana is illegal, but you did it anyway. It doesn't matter that it's been two years, your rationalized breaking state and federal law to yourself. Why should a police department trust you to uphold those same laws?

    All departments in Maryland give you a Lie Detector test on drug use too, so don't bother lying on your applications.

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