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What exactly does one learn as a computer science major that makes their job searches better?is there coding..?

Right now Im taking my first computer science class where we are learning basic html internet programming like



<h1>Hi my name <i>is</i></h1>


</html>......................just stuff around that lines, but im really good at it and enjoy it!!! But my parents are worried dropping my english major might be a bad idea for computer science sinc e whatever they do gets outsourced. BUT WHAT DO THEY DO EXACTLY!?!?!!!? What will i learn if i do switch??

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    The first years you'll just learn math, physics and programming. All those courses prepare you to take the more advanced courses such as software development and validation, cyber-security, database design, user interface, networking, computer animation, video-game design, etc.

    Getting a degree in CS is usually harder than getting an English degree due to the amount of knowledge required, heavier course loads and several hours of lab work. The average salaries for people with Bachelor's degrees in CS is around $70K, which is about twice as much the average salary of an English major. Also, there are more jobs available for CS majors since they are very specialized (within your CS degree, you can focus in specific areas of concentration)

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    And what kind of profession do your parents think you're going to be able to get as an English major?

    Just go to a site like and browse the list of available jobs. See how many are computer related, as compared to how many are English language related.

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