economic problems faced by the United States during Reconstruction?

i need help witha report please help what difficulties did the U.S face during reconstruction?

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    The United States faced serious problems during Reconstruction (after the Civil War). It had to persuade the white Southerners to be useful participants in a union that had been held together by force, and, at the same, suppress any sentiment that the whites might have to restart the rebellion against federal authority.

    Also, the North had freed the slaves, but the slaves acquired only their freedom. In most cases, they had no education or training to engage in useful occupations themselves.

    In 1877, as a result of the Hayes-Tilden election controversy, federal troops were withdrawn, and an "understanding" was reached. As long as the whites did not attempt to secede, and did not reduce the blacks to chattel slavery, they could pretty much run their "domestic arrangements" anyway they wanted.

    This compromise lasted until the 1950's, when the civil rights movement began to gain serious ground.

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    Most of the problems were the fact that the "Carpet Baggers" were corrupt and tried to steal from everyone, even their own people. Texas seceded not once but twice during the "Reconstruction"

    Texas is the only State that Still has the Right to Secede again in a time of civil Revolution.

    The South was harmed by a lot of the reconstruction because of the inability to join the rest of society in America.

    Source(s): Texas Historian
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