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Is Mass. Institute of Technology (MIT) affiliated with Harvard?

I noticed both are right next to each other. Is this just a coincidence or is MIT a branch of Harvard?

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    No dear. They are in the same city, but they are absolutely not connected at all. They are both very hard to get in.

    Harvard's a member of the Ivy League founded in the 1600s. The Ivy League got its name because the colleges that belonged were old and had old architecture - a lot of brick and stone, very beautiful - that was conducive to growing ivy all over them. The name stuck. Harvard is a liberal arts school. Most popular majors at Harvard were Economics, Government and Social Studies. See link below. The Harvard Crimson (their newspaper) once started an article: "Why does everybody at Harvard major in economics?" (also linked below)

    MIT is not in the Ivy League. But it's very hard to get into MIT, too. It's not as old as Harvard. MIT was formed in the mid 1800s. Most popular majors at MIT are Engineering; Computer Science, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, and Mathematics.

  • Peezer
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    9 years ago

    They are not right next to each other and they are not affiliated with each other. If you take the city bus, the stop for MIT is several stops from Harvard. When I lived there, bus transportation was so inefficient that it was faster to walk between the two schools than take the bus. The distance is maybe a mile or two. Definitely possible, but cold in the winter.

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