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i'm looking for nice places to vacation in France?

I want cheap, and not necessarily in Paris, just anywhere, that I can get the fullest of a vacation to France: sightseeing, places to practice French, villages, ect. fun things to do :)

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    Pays Basque is great. People are very open minded, landscapes are gorgious (you have the sea and the mountain). Beaches there are a famous surf spot in France. And it's very authentic and rich culturally (folkloric music, great food...).

    The main cities are Bayonne, Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz and Hendaye. And it's very close to the spanish frontier.

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    Without any doubt Paris is a good option for vacations and sightseeing in France as there you would have a glimpse of modern fashion mixed with beauty of old historic times as well with Eiffel tower and yeah the amazing and wonderful Disneyland.

    As far as the budget is considered then its upto you. You can stay in an apartment rather tha in a hotel ad on share basis. Also you can cook your meals on your own. Take public transport and you will save a lot from there as well.

    During my visit I had a great plan with savings there as my first step was to rent an apartment from a rental agency named Lodjee( there and the price was only around 90 Euros per night with great facilities of washing machine, ac, kitchen with modern equipment and a lot more. At second step I start cooking on my own which saved me some more bucks. Although some time when I don't feel like cooking I found some street restaurants there which were quite reasonable.

    And at the end I used public transportation for my visits to the sights there. It helped me save a lot and also I meet up with some more passengers there and turned out to be a group.

    Also don't forget to get some prior knowledge of the areas you will be visiting. You ca search on Maps for clearer knowledge and note the thing with you in a diary or something like that. It will help a lot.

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