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Andre Agassi or Novak Djokovic?

forehand -

backhand -

movement -

serve -

mentality -

technical -

endurance -


who is the better returner?

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  • Paul
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    9 years ago
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    As far as who's ahead in the "all time" greats, it's still Agassi. But Djokovic will certainly pass him eventually.


    Forehand - Djokovic

    Backhand - Agassi

    Movement - Djokovic by a little.

    Serve - Agassi

    Mentality - Even right now. But Djokovic eventually

    Technical - Agassi

    Endurance - Agassi was one of the fittest ever. This one is Agassi by a lot. But Novak has gotten in much better shape with that diet. He's also proven he can go all day if needed - (see 2012 AO).

    I say Agassi though because of the many retirements early in Nole's career. But he as well is in incredible shape now.

    Well you're talking about perhaps the two greatest returners ever. Seems a Little bold at the moment, but in time, that may be the case.

    I'd say Agassi was a Little more of an aggressive returner, but Novak is right there.

    I think by the time Novak is done, he'll be considered the greatest returner though.

    As far as Offense/defense

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Forehand: Agassi

    Backhand: Agassi

    movement: Djokovic

    serve: Djokovic

    mentality: Djokovic

    technical: tie

    endurance: Djokovic

  • 9 years ago

    forehand - Djokovic

    backhand - Agassi

    movement - Djokovic

    serve - Djokovic

    mentality - Djokovic

    technical - Agassi

    endurance - Agassi

    returner - tie

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