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moving to Brasov , Romania how nice is it to live there?

I am thinking about moving to Romania Brasov from the uk to teach english i speak fluent romanian and have a degree in british and american studies. How nice is brasov to live is it peaceful? how dangerous is it? are the people friendly and what sort of problems might i have living there?

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    Good decision. I did that 4 years ago & let's just say, it can't be that bad if I left a design management job at Aston Martin cars & a period Cotswold house, complete with wood beams, fireplace & stone floors. It's probably the safest city, in the safest European country. In 4 years, I have not heard anyone mention the words 'knife', 'stabbing', 'teenage death' 'mugging', 'rape', 'street fight' at all apart from when I return to the uk monthly. It has it's downsides & chief amount them is earning enough to live well, but at aside, if you find a nice place to live & build up nice friends by making an effort, (for example, join my Brasov league of gentlemen, www,whitemountain.ro/blog) or form your own social network, you will love it, once established..

    If I moved my business to bucharest, I could quadruple my success but I prefer quality of life & people over profit, hence Brasov reigns supreme.

    Ps, I would challenge the comment below about rents being higher. They are lower as you will see on my site, www.whitemountain.ro. My team can find you a simple studio for 200e, a nice 1 bed for 250 & a premium luxury for 400e such as this


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    But of course, some agents won't be as client friendly as others so you could end up being charged more. Just do your homework with Internet comparisons & you'll be fine.

    Source(s): I live here. See www.whitmountain.ro/blog
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    I want to move to Brasov too. I am in loved with the city. I have been living in London for the past 5 and a half years and I can't take it anymore. I miss my country's FRESH AIR so bad! I am sick of spending ridiculous amount of money on a shitty box room with no kitchen, yard, etc. London traumatized my soul and my ...pocket! While many Romanians want to come to the UK this upcoming January, I want to leave this **** hole of a city right this second. London is expensive, dirty, unfriendly, cloudy and overcrowded. But to move to Brasov I need to find a job first. Hope you have a good time there if you have moved. I was looking for one bedroom flats and they cost like $200 a month only. In London a one bedroom flat costs over £1000 and this in the shitty suburbs somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I just can't wait to go back to my country, there is no place like home...

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    Brasov is one of the nicest cities in Romania. Beautiful medial city center. Low crime rate, no safety issues.

    Well, except maybe bears ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-LPRpo2nSs

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    Anyhow, you should visit it before deciding to move there.

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    I work for a school that certifies people to teach English overseas and then helps them find jobs. If you're really looking for more information on the subject, I'd be happy to help you. Just send an email to advisor36@teflinstitute.com and I'll send you lots of information on teaching in Romania and overseas in general.

    Not trying to sound sketchy, it's just easier to do this stuff from my work email rather than via yahoo.

    Thanks, hope to hear from you


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    Your physical safety is the last of the worries that you should have, I would think more to the financial ones.

    Rents are expensive (you can find cheaper in Bucharest),

    wages are low http://translate.google.ro/translate?sl=ro&tl=en&j...

    But if you find enough students to teach them or you already have some bucks, I can only envy you.

    And because my bro put a funny video, I'll put one too, in tune with it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ogQ0uge06o

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