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Philippine Poll: Gerald Anderson or Coco Martin?

Who do you think is a better actor?

Gerald Anderson is really a great actor, but my vote has to go to Coco Martin!!!!!!

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  • maej
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    9 years ago
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    hands down to COCO MARTIN~ great actor, great looking!

  • 9 years ago

    Coco Martin

    Among the two(2) you compared as a better actor. But acting in the Philippines do not impresses me that much compared to the actors in the US which for me is not actors per se but artist. The title "artist" is already higher than a mere "actor or actresses". And in the Philippines they are merely actors and actresses. Gerald has a television series called "budoy" that is about to conclude in the following weeks. He portrays as a retarded child there, but if you look closely no retarded child would act like this who can read, write and virtually state the facts of life. For me the script writer has made a mistake making him a retard in the telenobela. A retarded who practically knows everything and mostly telenobelas is "malayo sa katotohanan" ang bawat istorya. Kaya nakakabwisit panuorin, I rather watch the old films of the 3 stooges or the comedy hits of Mr. Bean than watch a Filipino telenobelas.

    Coco Martin is a fine actor. His looks alone are his winning prize, he looks innocent enough that people might find him adorable and cute. But compared to Leonardo di Caprio who is more versatile artist than Coco Martin. Coco is type cast usually in love story and some action soap opera, a kid who is portrayed on films or tv series as a grown up man which to me is incorrect. In the Philippines, handsome looks is enough to land you on the silver screen or tv while in the US, looks are not enough for a man to make it to Hollywood. Either you have enough workshop or experience in theathers or find yourself as extra before they launch you as an actor. Sa Pilipinas pag gwapo bida agad sa teleserye. Just like Gerald, upon exit on PBB he was immediately launch as the tandem lovebirds with Kim Chu. Walang kahirap hirap maging actor sa Pilipinas isn't it? Another one is Piolo Pascual. You think he is a great actor. No. He is not even close to Christopher de Leon acting prowess. Piolo even sing imagine that, his voice is not that outstanding or impressive. So why is he in the movies or television? Gwapo eh. So that is the summary of things in the Philippines.

    There are certain people who registered good in the camera. Iyon bang meron dating, it is not necessary the person is handsome or pretty or not. It is like an aura or sparkle in a wine that nobody can see it except the director. One of them is Bembol Roco before, Bembol made his first film "Sa kuko ng Maynila". I watch that movie, rivetting story. Great films are from the later parts of the 50's and the 60's and early 70's. Here the films are not commercialized unlike what we have now. Today one has to pick one song hits of the 1960's and make it as a title you already have a movie just like the film of Sarah G. "can't last the day without you". Walang kahirap hirap, halos hindi na pinagiisipan ang kwento just put two famous people and that's it. Since I rather watch US films that I find US love stories are more compelling like the movie of Reese Witherspoon "sweet home Alabama". It is a love story. And the movie "sleepless in Seattle", dun kalagitnaan na nagkita sina Meg Ryan at Tom Hanks with a child in a building sa Pinas ang love story kauumpisa pa lang nagkita na at nagkain loveban na agad. What a stupid script writers we have, puro kasi bakla na ngayon ang mga writers compared to the 50's 60's at 70's mga manunulat eh puro mga lalake talaga.

  • Janine
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    9 years ago

    Coco Martin :)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Manny Pacquiao

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  • 9 years ago

    "Saging lang ang may puso"

    - Mark Lapid

  • 9 years ago

    budoy's the best

  • 9 years ago

    NEITHER!!! FPJ pa rin!

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