Good setting like Adventure Time for a short story?

I need a good setting for my short story I have to write for my class and I wanted it to be like a fantasy sort of thing but I cant think of anything. I just need a sort of general idea for an adventure story

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  • 9 years ago
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    I was never that good with setting, but I think I could offer some ideas.

    1. The classic magic style realm with wizards, dragons and hero.

    2. A story based on our time, but with magical elements like mythical creatures prowling through the night.

    3. A multidimensional universe where one can travel from place to place and experience completely different lives.

    4. A play on time, space and what we deem as real. Have somewhat realistic characters with super powers or something perhaps?

    I'm very sorry if these are not to your liking, but you could always alter the ideas to match your specifications.

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