Suzuki bikes for beginnerss ;)?

So I have always been super interested in like going to streetbike races all my life. And i feel like now i really want to learn how to ride..and maybe someday race. Yes i know im a girl but im not like other girls so please don't underestimate me. So my question is, can someone please explain the basics of getting and learning to ride a Suzuki or any other streetbike, because i'm going to buy one. I hope i don't sound stupid, but i really really want to learn. So please just explain important things I'll need to know. I mean, i know how to ride dirt bikes, but im not too familiar with it, but is it like similar to that?? So just please help me out:) Thanks.

And no mean answers please, I am just a girl that wants to learn how to be a good street-bike rider:)

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  • 8 years ago
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    You got to crawl before you can walk. Start with something that is appropriate for your skill level. Forget about racing for now. Like wanting to run before you can crawl. Take this one step at a time.

    Start with something used. This is for a couple of reasons. First, you want something used because you will only own it for a year or so. After a year or so you may want to move up to a bigger and newer bike. If you take care of it and don't beat the crap out of it you won't lose much money when it comes time to sell it. Second. Most new riders will drop their first bike at least once. So ask yourself this. What would you rather lay down? An older used bike or a nice shiny expensive new bike.

    Stay away from the sexy Sport Bikes. Don't get me wrong. I am not anti Sport Bike. However, I strongly believe that the motorcycle must match the skill level of the rider. Getting a Sport Bike for your first motorcycle is like getting a Formula 1 Race Car for your first car. A very bad idea. Any decent Sport Bike can go from zero to deadly faster than you can say "Oh Sh**!".

    Another reason to stay away from a Sport Bike for your first bike. As I said before, most riders will lay their first bike down at least once. A Sport bike has lots of easily broken expensive to repair plastic parts. Laying a Sport Bike down, even at low speed, can get very expensive very fast.

    There is one other thing to reconsider about Sport Bikes. Most Sport bikes will have a seat height of 31". This can be a problem if you have short legs. You must be able to place both feet flat on the ground while stopped. If you can not place both feet flat on the ground while stopped you will be forced to lean the bike over to one side. You can very easily lose your balance and drop the bike. This can be dangerous in traffic. Or at the very least embarrassing. This will also be a problem when taking your motorcycle road test.

    Yes, there are some ways around this. You can shave the seat. But this makes the seat very uncomfortable. Your behind will feel every bump in the road. You can get lowering kits for some bikes. But these are model specific and are not available for all bikes. Lowering a bike can mess up suspension geometry and handling. You can have ground clearance or fender clearance issues. Your bike can bottom out in a corner and you will go down. In general it will mess up the cornering capabilities of the bike. I think a Sport Bike that handles like crap is rather pointless.

    With that said. If you insist on Suzuki either the GZ250 or TU250X.

    However the Honda Rebel is also a nice starter bike. Star (Yamaha) V Star 250 is also nice.

    With any bike you consider take the time to sit on it for a while. People come in all shapes and sizes. So do motorcycles. As I said before make sure you can put both feet flat on the ground while stopped. Sit on it long enough to see how well you like the seating position. See how well you can reach all of the controls. An uncomfortable bike can become miserable to ride in a short time. But you can ride a bike that fits you properly for hours.

    What you should do right now is get yourself enrolled in a motorcycle safety course. Many courses can even provide you with a loaner bike to use for the course. Usually a Honda Rebel.

    Ride Safe - Have Fun

    Always remember this. On a motorcycle stupid hurts.

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  • 8 years ago

    If your really want to learn to ride right then u need some help, I started riding with my dad on dirt bikes and then moved to streetbikes, I'm not saying its impossible to learn on ur on but it makes it a lot easier to have some one to help you, and driving wise it is the same as a dirtbike as far as shifting and the clutch but driving a sportbike on a road is a totally different thing then a dirtbike offroad, best bike to start on would be a 250 up to a 600 to 650, depending on how fast you can catch on but just know one rule, everybody serious rider will lay a bike down at least once,:) don't be afraid to get out there and live a little or have fun just have to be safe, and I think a girl on a motorcycle is pretty hot as well, good luck and hope you enjoy riding,

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  • 8 years ago

    Logan we all have to start somewhere,Im a female and i was 17 when i had my first bike, i now ride a 955i Triumph and have many other bikes, but things were a whole lot easier then, not sure if your in uk/usa? different laws...not hot on american law sorry..

    Best to get yourself to a local dealer or training centre to see if its really what you want to do, have a taster course to be sure you are enjoying the experience and you want to take it further.

    There are plenty of lady riders on the roads and its a great hobby which is also sociable with plenty of bike meets, rallies, runs and shows to get involved in.

    i say go with your heart and your passion! good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    FIRST step: Sign up for the MSF basic riding course. Don't buy ANY bike until you have taken the course. It may well help you to get a better idea of what kind of bike you want to buy, will teach you a lot about handling traffic situations on a bike, and may also get you a discount on your first year's insurance.

    Source(s): Riding for 37 years. Motorcycle instructor.
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Hey personally as a guy, I find it hot and so awesome that a girl drives a motorcycle!

    You should go with the Suzuki GSXR650 my friend started on that. Had it for 4 years

    And yes it is very similar infact pretty much the same, clutch wise.

    Source(s): I drive motorcycles (Sports and cruisers) *Prefer sports
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  • 6 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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