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Why would UW's "Climate Impacts Group" sponsor a conference of climate deniers?

The ICCC (International Conference on Climate Change) seems to be run by the Heartland Institute even though they don't say so on the conference's website. Naomi Klein and other well-known journalists say the conference is a farce. Why is it affiliated with the University of Washington this year? Who could give me a good answer about this? I need to know because I thought the ICCC was a real conference, and was planning to present there.

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    These are two different conferences with the same name, unfortunately. The UW's sponsoring this one:

    And the Heartland Institute is involved with this one:

    There should be more modifiers for this ever-expanding topic.

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    8 years ago

    Forget the groups. Real science cannot be changed, no matter the arguments. Concentrate on the science. Play the ball, not the players.

    The ball is the planet

    And the planet is earth.

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