How can I convince my parents into hosting a exchange student again?

I really want my parents to host another exchange student again. Everytime I ask them they say its a big responsibility. Two years ago we hosted a exchange student. This exchange student put my father in stress and slapped me for just telling something to her in a panic.She even skipped school the one day to hang out with her friend in the mall and found a pack of cigarettes in her bag. I even caught her with kissing a boy in her room in my house. When she left us my parents told me we won't host any exchange students again. After two years I founded a Military Fitness Course Club which teaches discipline and if this exchange student gets into something wrong I will punish them by putting them on training course with my uncle from the Navy. I want to be a strict brother.

I also want to have fun with exchange student by taking he or she parties with my friends.

How can I convince my parents into hosting a exchange student again?

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  • 8 years ago
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    What an experience. It's almost unbelievable.

    First, be cautious with your attitude when you talk to them. I'm not accusing you of anything - it's just hard to tell somethings from an internet posting. What I mean is don't go to them with the attitude of "it's not that big of a responsibility and you're overreacting". My husband and I are currently hosting our 7th exchange student (4 for 10-11mos each, 1 for 7mos before she moved to a different family, 1 for 5mos (we were the replacement family), and we're in month 8 of our current hosting experience). While the students are here, the host parents do need to be full parents to the student. You are NOT the one to "punish" the student. You are the one to just be a brother. Let your parents handle whatever discipline is needed. That is their job.

    That being said, I can tell you that the experience you had is extremely rare. There are around 38,000 high school students that come to the USA on exchange for a semester or year. We've had one experience that wasn't great (she was a very good guest, but she was never a member of the family) and the other 6 have been fabulous!

    If you want to have a rational conversation with your parents about hosting, have a TON of information. Be ready for questions like "what if the student is 'bad'?" "are you going to help the student make friends and adjust to our home?" etc.

    Make sure you host with a program that will support the student and your family. If I may, I would like to suggest hosting with YFU. I've put some links below where you can get some information.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): For More Information: 1-866-4YFU-USA Videos: YFU USA's YouTube channel: Hosting (1min) Hosting (16min) YFU History (6min Video): Virtual Information Nights
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    4 years ago

    How astounding it fairly is which you're thinking this! My husband and that i've got hosted 5 (4 for 10-11mos, a million for 7mos) pupils and have chanced on it to be very addicting. I additionally understand people who've hosted greater suitable than a dozen - one has had over 20 pupils (worried approximately an tutorial 12 months each). First, i could propose making optimistic you physique of concepts them with the perfect physique of concepts (i'm no longer accusing you of something - only commenting). instead of "i could desire to cajole them of this" think of "they have valid concerns and we could desire to debate this rationally. i could desire to collect information so as that i will answer all of their questions and so i will think of this by thoroughly." additionally ask your self why you decide directly to host. There are as many motives as there are human beings, and countless of the justifications are not very solid ones. next, assemble information. i've got placed some hyperlinks decrease than with some information. If i ought to, i could extraordinarily propose information superhighway hosting by youthful human beings For expertise (YFU). the 1st student we hosted wasn't with YFU and we found out some issues. whilst we like her very a lot and could no longer have asked for a greater perfect female, there have been some issues that this technique (which now no longer exists) could have accomplished greater perfect. Our others have been with YFU and that i've got faith interior the organisation a lot that I became a volunteer with them. in case you like, you could e mail me with the place you reside (only city and state) and that i will hit upon a greater interior sight individual who you could touch with questions. you ought to additionally talk to your college to be sure what standards/regulations they have for replace pupils and replace companies. some faculties won't artwork with particular replace companies. when you have amassed information, take a seat with your mothers and fathers and talk with them. inspire them to touch the replace application and/or different host mothers and fathers. money is an exceedingly small area of what's in touch with information superhighway hosting a student. they could have valid concerns. make certain you pay attention greater suitable than you talk. undergo in concepts that they are going to be thinking approximately what's the terrific element for the whole kinfolk. solid success to you!

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