Team Fortress 2. The Spy-cicle. Question about the weapon.?

I know the spy-cicle in Team Fortress 2 allows you to be immune to fire for 2 seconds after a back stab and that the weapon itself melts after being burned. But doesn't the knife also break if you stab too often? As in 3-4 consecutive stabs will break the knife for 15 seconds?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I have played tf2 for over 150+/- hours

    and i have never got a broken knife

    but let me just inform you that the spy-cicle is kinda a overrated item

    it's 2 second immunity doesn't add anything a average pyro is mostly gonna spy-check

    and flame you until you die

    also the spy-cicle changes the enemy-corpse into a ice statue the disadvantage of that is

    it works as a danger sign it tells people [watch out spy here sign]

    i mostly stick with the vanilla knife

    because it's easy,simple and get's the job done i hope i have helped you out here

    Source(s): 150+/- hours experience
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