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I killed my roommates only 2 days..?

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So I killed my roommates fish and have no idea how I did it...?

She has a beta and another round orange fish with two long stems. Uhm. She's really into her fish (she hasn't had them for long, as fish die a lot, but she's really big on making sure they're okay). She asked me to watch the,, and asked if the house temp would stay at 68. I said it would, and I'd feed them. So anyways, she left Friday. I fed them Saturday morning, they were fine. I turned the house temp all the way down during the day, because it was pretty warm outside. I turned it back to 68 on the same day. So I check them Sunday night, (I forgot to in the morning), and the orange one Is stuck to the filter tube and dead. And the beta is almost dead.... And the thermometer says 74ish, which is normal...

So what the **** did I do? I mean it's been 2 days... I don't see how I could've killed them both this fast. Ugh **** me. I used to have fish, and they lived for days and days against whatever temps...

I'll replace them...but I won't be able to hide the fact that I killed them. There's no pet store where we live. I woldnt be able to find identicle ones.

I just want to point out, I only changed the house temperature. Not the temp of the tank.

And why is the orange fishes tail stuck to the black tube that's connected to the filter?


I defiantly did not over feed them. I've only fed the, once since Friday, and just put some food in now to see if the beta was alive.

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    I honestly don't think them dying was your fault. They could have already been sick and just happened to die when you were watching them. The alkalinity of the water was most likely off. If the beta is still alive you may be able to save it by doing a 50% water change.

    Did/do the fish look different. Like, browning fins or cloudy eyes or anything. Browning in color means the alkalinity is way off. Cloudy eyes indicates an illness of some sort.

    It's typically unrealistic for fish to die in that short of a time period unless there was a pre-existing problem everyone was unaware of.

    Also, I read someone that commented on the water temperature. That's not too low of a temperature. While betas are better in warmer temps because they're tropical fish, all slightly colder water will do is make them less active, not kill them.

    And the fish is stuck in the filter because once they die there is nothing from keeping them from going with the natural current of the water. and if it floated near the filter it would have got sucked in.

    p.s. ignore the person that said the beta may have killed it. Thats highly unlikely. Betas don't like other betas but are typically perfectly fine coexisting with other kinds of fish.

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    If her fish die often, then it probably wasn't you. Healthy fish do not live short, they live years, some fish can live longer than dogs. And 74 is too cold for a Betta, her Betta should have a heater and the water should be between 78 and 82 degrees. I don't think it was your fault, sounds like she may be doing a lot fo things wrong.

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    girl thats funny! Reminds me of Nemo sorta but any how you didnt kill them fish probably natural cause and the orange fish tail probably got suctioned t

    hen again changing the temp might have had an affect regardless of the tank setting and the fact it was a warm day...may have been sensitive fish that comes from a different setting and need exactly that temp...oh well fish die

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  • jogi
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    8 years ago

    Fluctuating temperatures perhaps? Even 74 is low for a Betta they need to be from 78-82, but yo-yoing temperatures from cold to not so cold and back to cold can easily shock and kill fish.

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    Tell her the truth about what happened. I think the fish got stuck in the filter, it happens all the time. It's happened to me many times. If you tell her she should understand. Beta fish DO NOT get along well with other fish in the same tank, they are very aggressive. It also may have killed the other one. Just tell her (: Hope everything works out

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I would not worry it was not you that killed the fish could be any number of reasons .

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    if she is constantly losing fish that is not good. a healthy fish should live for many years.

  • 8 years ago

    it wasn't your fault theres no way you did something wrong.

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