Help me make my dps higher (WoW)?

I'm a NE Druid on WoW I'm level 57 and I ALWAYS use cat form..

I normally play DPS and people complain to me about my DPS being low..


I play CoD as well and I'm not a man XD

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    8 years ago
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    Make sure to take Claw off your action bar.

    Groups of 3 or more mobs: Use Cat Swipe

    1-2 mobs: Put up Mangle, then Rake, then use Shred until you have 5 combo points (CP). Then use Rip. Keep Savage Roar up.

    Shred is your filler move; you must always stay behind the mob in dungeons. Never spam Mangle unless you have absolutely no way of getting behind the target. Mangle is only used to place the Mangle debuff on the mob to increase your bleed damage.

    Noxxic gives a brief lineup of the rotation:

  • i have a druid level 85 and since level 1 i only use spells i find that cat form has not good defence and dosent do alot of dps but if you use magic from far you can do some serious damage

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